SIEMENS NIXDORF Information Systems – Impressive Presence

Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems India Ltd (SNI) grew by an im-pressive 108 percent
to gross revenues of Rs 79 crore. SNI offers hardware and software solutions for both
business and engineering applications. In the PC line of business, the company has

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MANAGING DIRECTOR: Patrice Baranowska * PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: Systems, Peripherals, Software * TECHNICAL COLLABORATION: Siemens Nixdorf
AG, Germany
COLLABORATION: Siemens Nixdorf AG, Germany
* START-UP YEAR: 1996 ‡ EMPLOYEES: 75 * QUALITY CERTIFICATION: ISO 9001, ISO 9002 * ADDRESS: 130, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai 400018 * TEL: 4936267, 4936273, 4962203 * WEB SITE:


  • l 108 percent growth.
  • l Sold systems worth Rs 71.31 crore.
  • l Orders from government and private sector strengthened revenue stream.

a wide range of notebooks, desktops, and high-performance Intel-based servers.
SNI also markets RISC-based servers for the enterprise computing segment, Point of Sale
(PoS) systems for the retail, ATMs, cash recycling systems, passbook printers, and
customer services terminals for the financial and banking segment. Also, SNI offers
solutions in the areas of telecom, transportation, and utilities.

Last year, the company expanded its presence to six major cities. Its service locations
expanded from 65 to 105 locations during the last one year. Three national distributors
and 15 dealers form the company’s distribution network. During the year the company
adopted a policy of releasing new products simultaneously with their launch in Germany-and
was the first to introduce many new Intel-based products, which include dual-CPU 300 MHz
Primergy Server, in August 1997, and server and PC launch with the 333 MHz processor in
the December-January period.

SNI entered into a partnership with Keonics (Karnataka State Electronics Development
Corporation) to supply and service all orders procured by the latter. The company also won
an order from the Income Tax Department, GoI, for supply of 500 PCs. The SNI machines will
be installed in 91 cities. Another major order for the year came in from Regent Hotel, a
five star hotel to be inaugurated in Mumbai. The order valued at Rs 1.6 crore comprises
over 150 PCs, 40 of which will be touch screen-based. It also bagged a Rs 1.2 crore order
for deployment of 14 ATMs, across eight cities, at Allahabad Bank. The banking segment
revenues were strengthened by other orders from Nagpur Sahakari Bank and ABN Amro Bank.

In the telecom solutions segment, SNI tied up with Reliance Telecom to provide complete
IT solutions for Reliance Mobile. Termed as a supplier partnership, it includes providing
complete client-server based systems applications for online connectivity with the
switching equipment, the data network infrastructure and the systems integration. The
customer services function will be based on SNI’s customer care and billing system-INTEBIS
(Integrated Telecommunications Business Information System). Hexacom was another large
telecom order during the year.

The company’s fundamental approach for marketing products and solutions is direct sales
as well as through strategic local partners. The solutions business is being undertaken in
close co-operation with Siemens Ltd and SISL, which have an in-house pool of expertise for
SAP R/3 solutions and networking telecom products.

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