Siemens intros digital solutions for resilient workplaces to adapt to new normal

The HVAC and building management systems including room automation allow for improved indoor environment quality for occupant well-being

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New Normal solutions

Companies are facing new challenges as they resume normal operations affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Siemens. As part of the preparing for the “new normal”, companies must consider additional dimensions of employee safety and measures that address physical distancing requirements.


With years of expertise in the building industry, Siemens smart building solutions supports companies to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and to build the foundation for resilient future workplaces. This includes IoT solutions which support adherence to social distancing and contact tracing guidelines, body temperature detection integrated with access control, indoor air quality optimization and secured remote monitoring of a building’s systems.

Robert Demann, Head of Smart Infrastructure, Siemens Ltd, said: “The development of these solutions for the ‘new normal’ supports our ‘creating environments that care’ approach. For organizations, people are the biggest asset and they need workspaces that are safe and secure, now more than ever. Even in a post-Covid-19 era, organizations of all sizes and across industry would be required to follow health and safety regulations, in addition to keeping their premises secure.”

The solutions include Comfy, a workplace app that allows building operators and owners to engage with occupants and keep them informed, safe, productive and helps in enabling social distancing through configurable desk booking. The app also provides timely updates related to Covid-19 with configuration of content for localized needs and mandates.


The Enlighted IoT Platform allows accurate and efficient contact tracing and relies on real-time location services (RTLS) of people and equipment, as well as triggering and tracking sanitization – all of which ensures the safety of building occupants and visitors. The IoT sensor-based space utilization solution allows to better plan the available space inside buildings, allowing for better return on real estate investment.

The HVAC and building management systems including room automation allow for improved indoor environment quality for occupant well-being; Siveillance Thermal Shield, measures the body temperature of a person seeking to access a building and integrates the results into the video and access systems of the company, which can be seamlessly integrated into the workflow of the corporate security solutions.

The Remote Connectivity and Data Driven Services, provide secure connectivity and support systems in managing critical infrastructures to ensure business continuity. With a rapid initial diagnosis enabling targeted fault clearance, the remote technical support ensures system efficiency and uptime, even in times of restricted travel.