Shoto, a private photo sharing mobile app acts like a location tracker for photos

Shoto is a free mobile app that lets one request photos from times spent with friends, all while organizing them into private photo albums for secure, private photo sharing. One can think of Shoto as your own private picture locker where you can instantly share private photo albums with friends with the click of a button and keep your photos safe.

Shoto is able to recognize which friends were with you taking photos, almost like a location tracker for photos. This means you never have to chase down a friends again after you take photos. Instead, Shoto acts like a GPS tracker to let you know which friends have photos you can request to see.

Shoto eliminates the need to hassle friends to get all the pictures from a party or event. Instant photo sharing means everyone in the group shares and views all photos in real time. Shoto’s instant photo sharing feature means everyone has a complete photo album the first time in no time.

Shoto also has an integrated photo editor and meme generator which allows one to play with multiple photo editing effects like memes, photo crop, sharpness, and other fun photography effects. One can edit and share photos or entire photo albums instantly within the app.

As Shoto recognizes who was with you taking photos, friends can contribute photos from times you were together to make one big photo album. Shoto can also find contextually relevant events like birthdays, places, or dates and suggest friends to share photos from times you may have forgotten. Using Shoto, users can also request photos from friends who took pictures when you were together

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