Shark Tank India Judges

Shark Tank India Judges Apparently Suffering Losses, Here Are the Numbers

Shark Tank India judges are being discussed on social media for various reasons, and being good judges is not one of them. The companies that Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal, Anupam Mittal, and Amit Jain have co-founded and are running have apparently suffered losses. Recently, Harsh Goenka, Chairman, RPG Enterprises shared a chart on how the revenue of each of these companies have been hit.

“I enjoy Shark Tank India as a program and I think it is a great platform for our budding entrepreneurs. But whenever I think of sharks, I think of the movie ‘Jaws’ and bleeding red,” tweeted Goenka along with an image depicting the revenue losses.

Companies of Shark Tank India Judges, and Losses Suffered

According to the sheet shared by Harsh Goenka, here is how the companies owned by Shark Tank India Judges are doing:

Name of judgeName of companyFinancial year 2022 profit after tax in crores
Aman GuptaboAt79
Amit JainCar.Dekho-249
Anupam in financial year 2020 after which there has been no disclosure
Peyush BansalLenskart-102
Vineeta SinghSUGAR Cosmetics-75

After Goenka posted this tweet, Anupam Mittal responded saying tis information was incorrect. “I know you meant it in jest so with all due respect sir, I think you reacted to what appears to be superficial, biased and incomplete data. Happy to learn from stalwarts, but just to clarify, like you, the sharks don’t bleed red, we bleed blue and that’s why we do what we do,” he tweeted.

In addition to this, to Goenka and another tweet that asked him for proper data, “Anupam the only way you could have responded is with data and substance. Not just rhetoric or words. Doesn’t make sense in whatever you have mentioned here,” Mittal responded saying: “Sir, ‘actual’ data toh saamne hai. Over 90% of the companies Sharks have invested in are unprofitable so the argument that ‘they are red but only look for green’ is fundamentally flawed. As for my companies, my stakeholders are regularly updated. And for those reasons, I am out. All the best.”

What is Shark Tank India?

Shark Tank India is a reality show, inspired by Shark Tank show in America, that airs on Sony TV. The show basically features self-made multi-millionaires called sharks who judge entrepreneurs’ pitch ideas for a business or product that they have started. If the judges like the concept pieced, they invest their own money into the venture for a stake or a partnership.

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