Serving The Ecitizen

The success of a
government is measured by the delivery of services. Electronic delivery of
government services has been experimented and found successful in many nations.
Singapore has been one of the countries in Asia that took up the challenge and
achieved it.

The island nation has taken a
lead role in the implementation of various electronic governance projects. It
has demonstrated how services to its citizens whom they call ‘customers’
have led to a better lifestyle and social change. The whole idea behind
customization has been satisfaction and ease of use of services needed for the
common citizen. Instead of taking the bureaucratic route, the Government through
its eCitizen website helps the citizen complete all tasks from a single access

Convenience At Your Disposal

Within each service pack one is able to: 

  • Obtain a short introduction to the service package. 
  • Obtain step-by-step guides of procedures to complete various tasks.
  • Apply for various online services. 
  • Obtain a checklist of things to bring for availing services in person.
  • Obtain answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Find out whom to contact for further information and services.

The reason for establishing an
eCitizen Center was to have a one-stop virtual public services center over the
internet. It is also available through Singapore One, a broadband network, and
all the services will be operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The
eCitizen service website will have a combination of all the services of the
different government agencies. Drawing from the metaphor of a life journey of
every citizen, which he or she can relate to, it is depicted in the form of a
‘Life Event.’

eCitizen Center has nine
different towns with each town being a cluster of services made of different
service packages. Service packages are those which are needed by a citizen to
perform a specific task along his or her life journey. These tasks are named in
a way that the common man can relate to–Move House, Look for a Job, Attend
Primary School, Employ People among others. The towns have been named as
Defense, Education, Family, Health, Housing, Transportation, Law and Order,
Employment and Business. For instance, if a citizen wants to buy or move his
house, the entire process and services related to moving a house, buying,
renting or selling is available as a package within the housing town. The
advantage is that by logging on to the site, the citizen can at one single point
complete all dealings without going through the different government agencies. A
clear instance of saving time, energy and money. But this does not mean that the
government agency sites which are already up and running will become obsolete.
Rather, eCitizen and the government sites are going to co-exist with the common
denominator being the offer of easier, simpler and efficient services to the

eCitizen service is available with both high and
low bandwidth options in its website, which automatically adjusts according to
the available user bandwidth.

The main focus of this center is to simplify the process and give the user ‘one
look and feel’. Tan Swee Hua, Director, Infocom Development Authority’s
(IDA), says, "eCitizen provides hassle-free government services across the
island. Making these services friendly right from the start is important,
therefore we named the concept as ‘Life Journey’, making it easy to relate
to. Every individual from the time he is born to the time he retires, in various
stages of his life, needs the services of various government departments. And
this is exactly what eCitizen helps the citizen to do." 

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