Seqrite Launches an Upgraded version of End-Point Security

New Update

Enterprise Security Solutions brand, Seqrite announced the launch of a more refined and enriched version of Seqrite End-Point Security (EPS) 7.2. EPS is the flagship product of Seqrite and offers a comprehensive solution securing end-points and data that encompasses more competitive features with enhanced protection and powerful performance. Seqrite is the Enterprise Security wing of Quick Heal Technologies.


With this launch, Seqrite has further strengthened its Enterprise security solutions portfolio. Seqrite hosts an array of Enterprise Security solutions which includes End-Point Security, Unified Threat Management (UTM), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Server Security. Additionally, Seqrite Services caters to the growing need of Managed Security Services of Enterprise Customers. Seqrite witnessed a healthy growth rate of over 30% and on an average added 17 new clients every day in FY17 taking its customer base to 26,000 Enterprises.

This new release provides businesses with an all-in-one robust security solution which strengthens the security for end-points ranging from improved patch management, web security, email protection, ransomware protections, and more. In the wake of rising ransomware attacks, Seqrite EPS 7.2 protects through a multilayer approach and alert customers by sending email as well as SMS notification in case of a ransomware attack.

Seqrite EPS 7.2 Has the following new features:

• Improved Patch Management:

o Support for Non Microsoft Applications: This feature has been enhanced to support patching of non-Microsoft applications such as Adobe Reader, Acrobat, Flash Player, VLC, Java, Putty, Notepad++, 7-Zip, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird.

o Offline Patch Management: Seqrite EPS 7.2 also supports Offline Patch Management which helps administrators to create offline patch files, which can be carried to remote offices/locations through USB Disks/CDs/DVDs to patch end-points even if the EPS Server does not have connectivity to Internet/Central EPS Server.

• Enhanced Web Security: With this feature, administrators can schedule/restrict Internet access at all times or for specific time slot for users within an organization.

• Improved Email Protection with Better Attachment Control: Email protection is enhanced to scan incoming messages over SSL/TLS protocol. The Attachment Control feature blocks attachments having multiple extensions (ex- .doc.exe) which can be a security threat, block all or particular types of attachments.

• Improved Ransomware Protection: With Seqrite EPS 7.2, administrators have the flexibility to enable/disable data backup taken on specific endpoints through the console. This feature also alerts Administrator through email and SMS notifications in case of a ransomware attack.

• Improved DLP: This feature is enhanced, to track the user, who has breached the policy by sending or receiving information or is trying to transfer confidential data through email. DLP will detect Aadhaar number, Passport and Vehicle Registration Number of India as confidential data.

• Improved Reporting: Administrators can fetch user-wise reports to identify specific end-user who has violated the policy or continuously violating the policy.

Seqrite EPS 7.2  offers wide range of features to address today’s threat scenario. It provides the level of security, essential for the IT infrastructure, data and communications that can work for organisations of all sizes.

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