We see digital partner collaboration as the key focus area for our business

—Ketan Phanse Head - IT, JetPrivilege
SnipKetan Phanse

Jet Privilege Private Limited (JPPL) is an independent, loyalty and rewards Management Company formed in 2014, post the strategic alliance between Jet Airways and Etihad Airways, with the aim to manage, market, operate and further develop JetPrivilege – an internationally acclaimed award-winning loyalty and rewards programme.

Post the strategic alliance between Jet Airways and Etihad Airways, Jet Privilege Private Limited is now a part of the Etihad Loyalty Group which was formed to build the world’s most relevant and customer-centric loyalty business. The Etihad Loyalty Group comprises of 4 loyalty programmes, 7 airlines, and over 60 customer interfaces

Going Digital – what does it mean to you and your organization?

We are already a Digital Service provider – we are now focused on delivering the personalized value proposition to our members through direct and partner relationships. We see digital partner collaboration as the key focus area for our business and ability to build a joint win-win value proposition for our loyalty members.

What is your Digital Transformation plan, strategy and the deliverables you expect or are already coming in?

We are just initiating the 3.0 of Digital journey. Phase 1 was to get the base channel like web, email running and drive awareness. Phase 2 was to drive personalization and build a digital ecosystem of platforms for shopping dining hotels credit cards etc. The future strategy will now focus on introducing new channels, data-driven marketing.

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