Data Protection is an Imperative Step to Drive Business Growth

By Mr. Ripu Bajwa, Country Manager- Data Protection Solutions, India, Dell EMC

The steady progress towards digitization with the Government of India’s programs like Digital India, cashless economy; the mushrooming of e-commerce industry and the digitization of organizations across sizes and verticals is generating unprecedented amount of data daily. Being one of the most important components for the growth and success of any business, data is the most valued asset of any organization. With the surge in the number cyber threats and its impact on business, data protection has become the need of the hour.

Data protection should be equally applicable in both the public and the private sectors. Personal information is being held by both the Government and private players such telecom companies and banks. Complaint mechanisms need to be defined wherever personal data is involved. It is very important to ensure that personal data is not kept longer than necessary and to do so time limits should be established by the controller for complete deletion of data. Every reasonable step should be taken to ensure that personal data is secure which will leave less space for any potential data breach.


As per the key findings of the 2016 edition of the Global Data Protection Index, IT Transformation requires information security and governance through sound data protection. It also reveals that the vast majority of organizations are still behind the curve in data protection readiness. Cloud protection is definitely an important aspect of any strategy undertaken by an organization. Whether your applications are on-premises, extending to the cloud, have been moved to the cloud, or are born in the cloud, they require the same level of protection.

For applications that are extending to the cloud, leverage the elasticity, agility and low cost of private or public cloud storage for long-term retention and disaster recovery. Cloud protection solutions protects your data no matter where it is in the cloud. Bringing together protection storage and software, including powerful search, monitoring and analytics, provides coverage for a wide range of applications, both physical and virtual in delivering efficient and high performance protection and recovery solutions, also extending data protection seamlessly to public and private cloud.


We have witnessed organizations being open to embrace digital transformation. And in order to do so one must ensure a smooth transition into a cloud environment along with the deployment of robust security solutions. With the recent Ransomware attack which took nations by storm causing data breach to various governing bodies and institutions. Security has emerged as an even more serious concern for organizations. The importance of the data generated may vary from organization to organization and the nature of the business.

Organizations want to consume data protection in the way that best fits their business needs. Customer data is stored by most organizations to offer enhanced and personalized services and to build long-lasting relationships with their customers. However, these relationships serve as the backbone of business’s bottom line ensuring there is a solid data-led business strategy can help to cement meaningful and profitable customer relations.


It is also important to understand data protection laws in order to manage it better and combat cyber attacks ensuring safeguarding of data present in the network. Many organizations today have been given a mandate to have some percentage of their IT infrastructure in the cloud. With IDC stating that 70% of CIOs have a “cloud first” strategy which means that the combination of Data Domain and the Data Protection Suite can now deliver best-of-breed disaster recovery to the cloud. With Data Domain Cloud Disaster Recovery, organizations are able protect their on premises Data

Domain using Data Protection Suite by transferring data securely and efficiently for disaster recovery, eliminating the need for an additional data center and taking advantage of the agility and cost effectiveness of cloud object storage. Additionally, customers can now benefit by gaining efficiency, reliability and performance they expect from Data Domain in the cloud with the latest release of Data Domain Virtual Edition.

Organizations today try to meet various challenges resulting in the creation of fragmented data protection environments for various application and platforms. The end result is significantly increased time to value, costs and complexity, and lower reliability. Organizations should opt for integrated data protection solutions that is purpose-built to solve the data protection challenges confronted by the modern enterprises.

Hence, Indian organizations have greatly benefited from data protection as these are usually mid-size businesses which are affected the most due to cyber attacks. Now with measures being taken to ensure protection of data, these businesses can sustain itself in the long run without the risk of being compromised.

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