Vivek Dharia, KNP

SD-WAN offers network-wide control and visibility: Vivek Dharia, KNP

Vivek Dharia, CIO, KNP Securities Pvt Ltd, talks about how the use of SD-WAN layered security approach can help encrypt and protect data. Excerpts:

DQ: How do you understand and align strongly with location- or branch-specific needs to ensure support for legacy networks?

Vivek Dharia: Legacy networks are having their own limitations, which cannot handle huge load of traffic and connectivity demand with increasing data volume. It is very difficult to configure manually with so many devices, points, locations, branches, etc.

DQ: How do you decide when’s the right time to move your network forward?

Vivek Dharia: The current network with complex architecture is having huge operational cost plus low performance. With the use of SD-WAN, now, we can easily upgrade automatically our own design with low cost and high performance, which is very simple for implementing.

DQ: When and how do you manage the transformation? How do you create a future secure network platform?

Vivek Dharia: To enable local Internet access affects cybersecurity by creating hundreds of new points of vulnerability and putting sensitive data at risk. With the use of SD-WAN layered security approach, we can now do encryption to protect data with security.

DQ: When and how do you start to develop a more flexible, dynamic network?

Vivek Dharia: The current system of WAN is expensive and complex. SD-WAN offers network-wide control and visibility, with centralized management. SD-WAN can also communicate with all networks without the need for external mechanisms.

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