ScrumTotal- An app with an application!

By Romi Mahajan, Director, KKM Group

The world of Apps is a tricky one for a variety of reasons.  First, there’s dealing with the proliferation of Apps, of which some are worthy of time and energy and others are simply exercises in self-indulgence. Some make the lives of “the consumer” better and have little business application and others are incredibly abstruse and focused on only the narrowest of categories.  Some Apps are intuitive, easy to use, and “light.”  Others are complex, cumbersome, and frustrating.

Every now and then, one finds an App that surprises insofar as it purports to simplify complexity and it actually pays off its promise.  ScrumTotal is a wonderful example of just such an App, one that might appear to be too “focused” to have broad appeal but in fact is flexible, open, and useful in a variety of environments.

The main goal of ScrumTotal is to help small teams seamlessly reach big goals by using the methodology of Scrum and combining it with the philosophy of Agile all in an easy-to-use, incredibly intuitive package that can be used in a myriad of scenarios.  From development projects to event planning, all manner of “work” can be managed and delivered via this powerful App.

CEO and Founder Ashok Singh gets animated and passionate when talking about the power of small teams.  According to Singh, “The organization of 2015 and beyond is not one in which all knowledge and know how is trapped in the higher echelons but, instead, is largely situation in the periphery, in geographically dispersed teams of small size that can do amazing things if given the proper tools.”  A master of Scrum and an active evangelist of helping companies become Agile, Singh devised ScrumTotal with the clear goal of helping individuals and organizations achieve great things in record time.

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