Scorpion Express partners with LogiNext, deploying its innovating technology to optimize operations

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Continuing to disrupt the logistics space with their advanced technology, powered by Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things, PayTM backed LogiNext deployed its technology solutions to aid one of the largest 3PL company of India, Scorpion Express Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2000, under the flagship of Dr. JPN Singh.


Providing pan-India logistics solutions to a myriad of industry verticals, most importantly pharmaceuticals, Scorpion Express, having 10 major hubs spread across India, was confronted with two major challenges, i.e. tracking their vehicles pan-India and ensuring optimum utilization of the resources en-route. LogiNext filled the technology gap with its advanced Asset Tracking and Analytics Software, offered under their specialized SaaS product, LogiNext Haul.

The product software created automated geofences around these major hubs, to receive accurate and real-time data for predictive analysis. LogiNext uses data mining and statistical analytics to generate a plethora of detailed and customized reports. These reports enable Scorpion to track various elements like travel time, kilometers traveled, fuel used, etc. The same feature also enables Scorpion Express to get an estimate of the speed of the vehicle, historical trends of vehicle utilization and ETAs which are paramount in ensuring the delivery consignments in a suitable condition. Furthermore, LogiNext allows Scorpion Express to access the information and track all the vehicles in a unified and easy-to-understand dashboard. Scorpion became the first company to integrate multiple GPS tracking hardware and sensors into one unified control room provided by LogiNext. The product is primarily known for providing the best features like real-time alerts, real-time optimization of routes, and delay alerts of the fleet and shipments. The software has led Scorpion to save double digit percentage in its annual logistics expenditure.

Speaking at the association, Dhruvil Sanghvi, CEO, LogiNext, said “It has been an amazing experience associating with Scorpion Express, providing them our advanced software solutions comprised under the Haul product. We are affirmative that the solutions would aid Scorpion Express in better planning, tracking and analyzing the movement of vehicles and shipments, hence letting them offer an enhanced value to their clients. We are henceforth looking forward to a long term association with Scorpion Express.”

Following the association, by providing better visibility and real-time tracking services to their customers, Scorpion Express has been able to win their trust and confidence.

Further commenting at the association, IT Head from Scorpion Express said, “Operating in the logistics industry, if you don’t adopt the technology, you will be out of business in no time. At LogiNext, everyone is tech-oriented and we would love to get associated with people who understand technology. That way we can focus on our core operations while LogiNext takes care of constant up-gradation of technology.”

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