Schneider’s Electricity 4.0 leading towards sustainable future

Schneider Electric India organized a conference today. Sachin Bhalla, VP, Secure Power India and SAARC, Schneider Electric said that digital is driving the data center growth. It is estimated that there will be 90% Internet users, and 500 billion IoT devices by 2030. There will be 61% yearly big data growth.

There will be over 1,000 hyperscale data centers by 2024, as against 700 data centers in 2022. There was $226 billion investment in 2022 with 11% YoY growth, as per Gartner. The India data center capacity is expected to reach 1GW in 2022 from 499MW IT load capacity in H1-2021.

Electricity 4.0 for net-zero
The data center boom is leading to an energy paradox. Electricity 4.0 is the fastest route to a net-zero future. The technology already exists to deliver Electricity 4.0 today. This is a combination of digital, electric, and decarbonized elements. Electricity 4.0 enables sustainable data centers. These are carbon negative, zero waste, and water optimized.

Schneider has sustainable solutions across all domains. There is sustainability software across all the phases. Sustainability services include carbon strategy consulting, renewable energy sourcing, resource and energy efficiency, waste management, carbon efficient supply chain consulting, battery recycling, etc.

Schneider has a vision for data centers of the future. The vision includes sustainability, efficiency, adaptability, and resiliency. There have been bold pledges from the Internet giants. Customers were also under pressure. The number 1 driver of sustainability initiatives was customer requirements. 97% of multi-tenant DC providers had customers requiring efficiency, etc.

Forrester Research found that focus on sustainability has accelerated among data center service providers. External pressure is driving increased focus. There is rise of edge computing and long-term energy strategy. Scope 3 emissions are challenging the industry. PUE is no longer the relevant factor. Hybrid infrastructure creates more complexity for the IT industry. 83 percent surveyed said that they use sustainability as a way to attract new business.

A study by S&P Global Market Intelligence found that most IT organizations think they are prioritizing sustainability. However, their perception does not match reality. IT solution providers are skilling up in sustainability. Skills and programs need to be co-created by the tech vendors and partners.

Progress toward DCs of the future has been made in the last 18 months. There are global and China Internet giants, etc. Schneider has innovation for sustainability everywhere, by utilizing eco-design principles for every offer. Software and services male sustainability measurable, manageable, and movable. Collaborative ecosystem is working together to accelerate the progress.

Everyone is digitizing by 2025. 75 percent of the enterprise data is expected to be created and processed at the edge. Energy usage within networks and edge computing spaces are expected to outpace data centers. 96% of the companies are either in the process or are considering co-creating with vendors to develop new digital products and services.

Schneider has partnership pillars for integrated services, such as edge computing, private wireless and 5G, etc. New partner program structure unlocks the ecosystem. 60% of the partners want more relevant structure.

The mySchneider Partner Program will focus on unique business models, and amplify the diverse value of our partners. We are enabling the development of diverse business models. The key to unlocking growth lies within exceptional collaboration with ecosystem. We are driving benefits of global cohesion, while respecting local specifics.

Partners can grow and diversify their business and programs, benchmarks, benefits, and tools that are specialized to their unique needs. Partners with the right expertise work together to create customer experiences that win.

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