Schneider Electric presents edge mega trends in East Asia Pacific

CIOs feel better to leverage the technology to accelerate their business success, improve agility/productivity gains, and ensure digital transformation

Pradeep Chakraborty
New Update
Schneider Electric

During the Schneider Electric event in Singapore, Benoit Dubarle, Senior VP, Secure Power, Schneider Electric, spoke about the Edge in East Asia Pacific. He said that today, there are mega trends -- data created, where there will be +28% of growth each year by 2025. There will be 19% of global data in 2025 with 34ZB. IoT comes next! There will be 50% of all new devices being IoT-enabled by 2026.


Mobility is next with 500 million mobile active users by 2020. 5G is yet another trend, with one-third or $356 billion of global capex investment by 2025. Finally, artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to see $4.6 billion in spend by 2021, a 73% growth each year.

The CIOs voice is driving all of this. Across Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, the CIOs feel better to leverage the technology to accelerate their business success. They can improve the agility/productivity gains, and ensure digital transformation. Digital transformation itself brings new technologies.

There are service requirements, bandwidth needs, privacy and new applications, at the edge. There was a glimpse of Singapore's first video teller machine (VTM), besides use cases in retail, finance, healthcare, education, and government.


As for the maturity of the edge market, 64.8% said they have an interest, while 30.4% were said to be unsure. Regarding the investments in edge projects, Australia/NZ had 8.50% as current and 27.90 as future interest. China is at 7.60% for current, and 30.70% as future interest. India is at 14.10% for current, and 28.90% for future interest. Indonesia is at 10.40% for current and 26.10% for future, Malaysia has 7.70% for current and 9.10% for future, while Japan and NE has 15.90% for current and 29.10% for future. Singapore has 8.30% for current and 28.60% for future, while Indo-China has 0% for current and 10.50% for future.

For the record, Schneider Electric is said to have 17.5K connected partners, 520+ edge certified partner, and 1,200+ edge configurations.

Varied customers

Bhagwati Prasad, VP, Offer Category Management, IT Commercial, IT Division, Schneider Electric IT Logistics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd introduced four customers. Murdoch University, Australia, has 24/7 workspace for student and teacher digital experience. Tanishqu from Titan store location in India ensures IT solutions reliability. Radius DC from Turkey provides reliable service to customers. Christie Spaces from Australia saw 12% increase in rental yield with new local edge data center.

Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure data center solutions are manageable, configurable, fast and flexible for IT deployments from the cloud to the edge. Schneider Electric is offering three basic integrated system types -- micro data centers, row data centers, and modular all-in-one data centers for industrial and harsh environments, commercial and office environments, and IT environments.