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Schneider Electric launches EcoStruxure for O&G and petro in India

Schneider Electric has launched the EcoStruxure Power & Process (EP&P) to boost India’s rapidly evolving oil and gas sectors, and to drive the efficiency and augment profitability.

Schneider Electric has also partnered with Microsoft to create the commercial Internet of things (IoT) solutions in the areas of energy management and automation, thus bringing power and process systems together. The company aims to address the challenges of market volatility in the O&G sector.

When power and process management systems operate as separate silos, industrial organizations soon find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Separate teams of engineers and programmers are required to build up and maintain operations.

The introduction of the EP&P in the Indian market will see companies in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors break down the traditional barriers between power and process control systems to solve critical engineering and operating challenges.

By leveraging the EcoStruxure IoT-enabled system architecture and platform, customers can connect assets that are the center of their projects with the assets that are the center of their operations, across the full lifecycle of their plants, including their supply chains.

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