Schneider Electric expands e-commerce platform offering for India

The products are designed in a very simple manner so that customers find it easy to use. People can search the products for their availability

Pradeep Chakraborty
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Schneider Electric announced the launch of its expanded e-commerce platform in the country. The platform shall host a wider range of Schneider Electric’s B2B products, including its entire home products range. This is an effort to help its partners and customers source products digitally, without manual intervention easing access especially in the current scenario.


Srinivas Shanbhogue, VP, Retail Business, Schneider Electric India, said: "Our expanded eShop will help our entire ecosystem gain easy access to our products with flexible payment options and affordable pricing. At Schneider Electric, digital transformation is the core of our development and pivoting to digital ways of doing business is the need of the hour to support and re energise the economy."

Schneider Electric India

Shanbhogue added there is huge digital transformation in India. For Schneider, it is very important to become an early bird. We are very strong in the digital environment. Covid-19 has probably fast forwarded the digital transformation in India. Had the pandemic not happened, it would have probably taken at least 5-10 years for India to adopt.


More for MSMEs

The adoption is now happening very aggressively. People are beginning to come back to work. We support the comeback story. In the last 45 days, we have added about 5,000 products in our e-shop. These can now be used by all of the customers, including the MSME customers. You now need to move fast and also get the production going. We are also targeting the MSMEs in the healthcare sector. It will be very critical for us to support these folks. We are working toward meeting the customers' expectations.

The products are designed in a very simple manner so that customers find it easy to use. People can search the products for their availability. All the information is available on the website. We also have a unique chat box and online support. Customers can directly engage with us on the chat box. They can also solve all of their commercial queries.

Schneider also has an express delivery service. Within a radius of 100km in the top cities, we can deliver products in 3-4 hours. We have built-in a robust supply chain capability. We have also partnered with the various fintechs and credit cards to provide EMI facilities, flexi payment options, etc. This is a very unique digital offering from Schneider Electric. It will also make easy the lives of customers in terms of access, delivery, etc.


In the e-shop, you can customize your shopping experience, whether you are a home owner or a business customer. There are three personas -- industrial retailer, electrical retailer and the MSME. We are offering a range of LV and industrial products that you can choose from. Eg., if you click the MSME segment, there are a range of products, such as contactors, MCCBs, power supplies, pilot lights, Easy9, signalling units, etc. You can check their availability and prices.

Each product line has a unique specification sheet. You can also download all of the test certificates, as required. You can also go to the Schneider support center and reach out to the customer care, if needed. You can also look for an electrical installer. You can explore the Fab Homes bundle, the Unica Pure with patented child-proof guarded sockets, etc. You can go to the shop by category, select and search.

Integrating channels

Regarding integrating the channels, he said that Schneider has two-channel approach. One, there are distributors, who are integrated within the web platform. We also have a large number of tier two sellers. We have unique customized programs for them. There is also a button that can be used to rate the partners.


As for connecting with MSMEs, Schneider has an existing relationship with over 10,000 MSMEs as customers. We are engaged with them all on a day-to-day basis. The Schneider portal is very interesting for the large buyers as well. We also have products that are exported to the other countries. We have a physical presence in over 200 cities, and via distributors. Such cities are linked with the supply chain arrangement. We have a transparent model that is a win-win for our partners and customers. This is a very professionally managed Schneider Electric e-shop.

This whole digital story will help the partners to reach even more customers. We are also running programs for corporates so they can buy and provide for the WFH segments. We launched this site about a year back. Over the last 45 days, we have now included the MSMEs and large customers as well. There are data center solutions available as well. This will also help us to reach a wider base of customers. We have become a very agile company. We have transformed to a digital company. We do not have any issue with the supply chain. People would also want to have a look and feel for the products, and get a demonstration. All these features are already available on the e-shop.

As for WFH readiness, corporates have started giving UPS systems to employees. Your router can fail sometimes, and that's where the backup UPS can come in. We have also launched a smart home solution. We have voice-over-IP solutions for the home. Corporates are giving these solutions as well.

The Schneider platform is powered by an Expert Chat Support, which can help customers close deals in a matter of minutes. Through the platform the company is also expanding its geographical footprint in the country, where express delivery, to close to 150 locations, will be provided.

The platform has curated offerings for different categories of buyers, such as industrial retailers, electrical retailers, MSMEs etc. Buyers will have a range of LV products to choose from with easy EMI payment options. Detailed catalogues with price lists, online quotations of requirements will further be accentuated by virtual experience zones.