Schneider Electric celebrates 60 years in India with Innovation Hub on Wheels

Schneider Electric celebrates 60 years in India with Innovation Hub on Wheels

Pradeep Chakraborty
New Update

Schneider Electric celebrated 60 years of presence in India. It aims to reach 20 million+ customers and partners, and on-board >10K Green Yodhas. It also unveiled a unique carbon neutral ‘Innovation Hub on Wheels’ with a mission of making India, more sustainable, digital and energy positive.


This carbon neutral yatra will travel to 60+ cities in India, aiming to highlight Schneider Electric’s 60-year journey in the country. It has a continued commitment to support nation building by imparting knowledge around advancements in IoT, Electricity 4.0, digitization and sustainability within the energy management and next-gen automation space. The eco-friendly mobile hub is powered by recyclable materials and renewable energy, including luminous solar panels. It showcases IoT-enabled solutions, connected product offers, journey of the group in India, contribution and commitment to India’s growth, and a special ‘Green Yodha’ Sustainability Zone.

At the launch event, Deepak Sharma, Zone President, Greater India, and MD and CEO, Schneider Electric India, said: "India is transforming, and so are we. We have just created a benchmark with our G20 presidency. G20 New Delhi Leaders' Declaration includes implementing clean, sustainable, just affordable and inclusive energy, green development pact for sustainable future, deep and sustained reductions in global GHG emissions of 43% by 2030, and build sustainable global hydrogen chain.

"India is starting to witness more growth, toward becoming a $7 trillion economy. Today, industrialization is 21% of GDP, and 38% Indians are living in urban areas. India is going to have energy access and transition with 46% from non-fossil fuel. Digitization is also starting to happen."


Sharma noted that India's energy landscape is also changing with this growth. We are going to have 6X electricity demand, 75% electricity growth from renewables, and 25% total generation from distributed sources. Naturally, more energy demand brings in more emissions. In India, 46% emissions are from industry, 28% from buildings, and 16% from transportation. Hence, we are now building a more electric and more digital India.

Schneider is also accelerating social and economic growth. From farms to the sky, and the ecosystem, we are powering the new India. We believe that access to energy is a basic human right. We are supplying to those who do not have access to clean electricity.

Schneider is also empowering and nurturing startups. We have already invested in six start-ups across India, such as FreyEnergy, SMV, Corja, etc. 30+ start-ups are mentored, promoting energy efficiency, cyber security, NEL, etc. 40+ startups are engaged in the innovation challenge for the supply chain.


Schneider is also accelerating contribution in infrastructure. 13 smart cities are powered by Schneider Electric, and more are in development. We are also focusing on smart mobility, efficient water management, and smart grids.

Schneider is contributing to Digital India mission. It is powering the manufacturing prowess of India. Schneider's Hyderabad Smart Factory has been recognized as an Advanced Lighthouse by the World Economic Forum. It also has 10+ manufacturing segments across CPG, cement, automotive, oil and gas, steel, and many more.

He added: “Our 60 years of presence in India is a testament to our enduring commitment to the nation's progress. Schneider Electric now has 37,000+ employees, and 30 manufacturing sites in India, making it the third largest market, and one of the 4 global hubs for the group. 700 GETs were hired in 2023, and 55% were women hires. We have 6,000+ software, innovation, and R&D engineers based out of India."

Sharma noted: "The Schneider Electric Innovation Yatra is a unique platform to connect and engage with our stakeholders, celebrate our achievements, and showcase our commitment to driving sustainable innovations and digitization."

Schneider Electric is present in the Indian market with multiple popular brands, including Schneider Electric, L&T Electrical & Automation, Luminous, AVEVA, etc.