Scaling the Cloud with IaaS

In todays environment organizations are faced with reduced resources and tightening budgets. In the face of these challenges, businesses are moving away from traditional way of building and maintaining their own IT to an outsourced services model. Organizations are increasingly embracing cloud computing for its efficiency in terms of enhanced business agility, reduced hardware maintenance, increased administration productivity and most importantly scalability and on-demand provisioning of resources.

These attributes have created an agile model out of cloud computing for business operations. Be it SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) or PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), every organizations cloud can be tailored to suit the organizations business needs and consequently build flexibility.

The cloud has provided an alternative to large capital investments required for data center expansion, infrastructure hardware, software and application software purchases.

Integrating IaaS

So how does a company scale to the cloud to extend their infrastructure or use it as a platform to build software or run key business processes? The answer perhaps lies in infrastructure as a service (IaaS) which provides set of hosted data center services that allows IT infrastructure and support to be obtained on a monthly payment basis instead of spending up-front capital investment needed to build physical IT infrastructure. Avoidance of capital expenditure is the main driver in an organizations decision to use an Iaas model. IaaS not only helps companies to conserve capital but also to align operating expenses with revenues.

The modus operandi of IaaS is to Pay as you go making it simpler for users to pay for only what is being utilized. Furthermore, virtualization acts as a key enabler for IaaS providers to offer virtualized instances of servers while making cost-effective use of the hosting hardware from IaaS provider perspective. Customers have the flexibility to be selective in the services they may choose from IaaS provider, depending on their business imperatives, or availability of technical skills. The biggest benefit of the IaaS platform especially for small and medium sized businesses helps to keep their capital and operational expenses under check while offering them the ability to scale driven by their internal compute demands.

Creating the Right Impact

With cloud computing being a transformational element in IT, opting for the right IaaS delivery model is essential for faster access to multi-tenant solutions. Cloud computing allows companies to rethink IT and reinvent the way their businesses operate.

Businesses need to create the right impact and optimize their cloud value by choosing the right vendor who will enable them to harness such capabilities; energy and real estate savings as well as capital and operational expenditures while prioritizing and balancing security investments so that companies reap maximum benefits from this exciting technology.

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