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Saving smart with WhatsApp OTP services

Recently, telecom operators in India have announced a total hike of 100% in the messaging rates of A2P SMS for companies that are based in India. This would mean that organizations that are associated with an international entity in any way would be required to internationally route their SMS services in India. This hike is applicable even for enterprises that have formed as a legal entity in the country.

The messaging service for international entities to terminate SMS to India had already been 10x the local termination rates, and the approach made by Telco would now increase the rates to over 20x the set prices for domestic termination. The announcing team at Telcos are confident about the price hike for international routing in India, as they believe that various other international organizations are already paying in a similar price bracket. To terminate their SMS traffic to India at competitive rates should not be an obstacle for such entities, Telco affirms.

Nonetheless, there is a pitfall in the domestication of all SMS routing. India as a nation is largely dependent on international entities and serves as a higher user database for companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and even international banks like HSBC, Standard Chartered and Citibank, among others. It then becomes imperative for an entity to find a cost-effective and efficient way of cutting on the termination hike. Businesses can greatly benefit from softwares that are tailor-made for their routing– one that can make use of social media platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram to terminate OTP messages. Apart from OTP services, it must cater to an organization’s B2B communication channels and their bulk SMS requirements.

An effective software solution for domestic and international termination can only prove to be fruitful for an entity when it is quick, convenient, and takes only a few hours to set up. As a result, the OTP generated from the entity’s end can be delivered to users from the brand’s Whatsapp handle or a common handle provided. Termination softwares enable international entities attempting to domesticate their approach to economize their SMS costs and save up to 75%.

By Abhishek Prakash, Co Founder and Vice President, Business Development, Mtalkz

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  1. rosogulla says:

    Nice info…thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Dipali Jha says:

    WhatsApp is the world’s largest communication platform. It provides safe and secure communication than SMS and other related services. As a business, you can take the benefits of WhatsApp’s security and systems to send OTPs via WhatsApp. When you send OTP via WhatsApp, it gets encrypted and only the recipient will be able to see the message.

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