Satyam Computer Services

Satyam retains its #4 rank, thanks primarily to its excellent performance
despite the slowdown. The company would have been ranked higher but for the huge
growth rate reported by Soffia Software on a tiny base. The company’s turnover
stood at Rs 1220 crore, up 81% over the previous year. Net profit leapt up by
134% to close at Rs 317 crore. The company was ranked #3 in sales and net
profit, #4 in gross block and #6 in ROCE. Gross block was up 30% to Rs 546 crore,
while ROCE stood at 45%. Despite growing concerns over the slowdown in the US
and some European countries, Satyam managed to grow, riding on its association
with companies like Ford, MatrixOne, Epicentric and ideaEDGE Ventures. While
Satyam continued to outperform the industry, its Nasdaq-listed subsidiary Satyam
Infoway continued to post losses. With Indian companies scheduled to report a
consolidated performance from fiscal 2002, Satyam’s performance would be more
eagerly awaited and keenly watched.

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