SAP now working on business AI: Bharat Sandhu

In an exclusive with Dataquest, during the SAP TechEd 2022 in Las Vegas, USA, Bharat Sandhu, Senior VP, AI & Application Development Platform, SAP, said that we are now working on business AI. It looks at the end-to-end processes. AI needs relevant data to function. Having domain knowledge is also very critical. Today, we are specializing in four areas. These are: documentation processing, predicting or forecasting, recommendation, and improving the UX or digital processing.

SAP has custom apps for supply chain management (SCM). We also have four processes. These are: lead to cash, recruit to retire, design to operate, and source to pay.

In lead to cash, we look at the recommendations available. We extract the information and put it into an order, using AI. We also talk about personalization, etc. You can boost marketing and strengthen sales pipelines with better lead scoring, and clear accounts that are receivable faster.

In recruit to retire, we can help the hiring manager to become more efficient. There is no bias involved. With SAP AI, you can improve all activities involving recruiting, career development, travel expenses, retention, and offboarding.

In design to operate, we have integrated the demand planning capability. With SAP AI, you can improve all activities related to identifying, acquiring, designing, prototyping, and decommissioning products or services.

In source to pay, you have to automate the payment. AI can also recommend some other suppliers, as necessary. You can improve activities related to sourcing and procurement, including planning, spend management, contracting, procurement, and supplier payment.

Finally, we have sustainable packaging. We use AI to determine packaging and going green.

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