SAP Deploys Cloud Based e-Governance Solution in Shillong

SAP India announced an initiative to improve citizen services and village administration in the Shillong region by deploying a Cloud based e-governance solution.

This is an extension of a similar model that SAP pioneered with the SODA village in Rajasthan. SAP has collaborated with the Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management-Shillong (RGIIM-S) for delivering cloud based e-governance to the “Dorbar Shnong” or village level administration

“Contributing to the development of rural India is a major focus of SAP’s CSR initiatives” said, Peter Gartenberg, Managing Director, SAP India. “By collaborating with RGIIM-S, We are striving to make village administration more effective, transparent and accountable in delivering citizen services. We intend to effectively use our expertise in the North East region and create a scalable model to go to the 600,000 similar villages across India”

As a part of the project, SAP will automate several operational areas including, tracking & control of funds; budget and expense management, accounting; management of local assets; project & scheme implementation and citizen services.

SAP will also facilitate trained resources to operate the solution, and provide its expertise during the course of the project. RGIIM-S will provide SAP with the necessary advisory support to gain understanding of the local environment, help identify project sites and liaison with local administration bodies where required.

The project will be initiated at the semi-urban localities of Mawlai Nonglum and Mawdatbaki, and will subsequently be rolled out to a village Dorbar jointly identified by SAP and RGIIM-S.

“SAP’s project for the Mawlai area will provide the local headman and citizens reliable access to records and services, better insight into budgeting and spending, and support quicker decision making, without a complex and cumbersome IT infrastructure”, said, Prof Keya Sengupta, Director, RGIIM-S. “We are pleased to collaborate with SAP on this initiative, and will support this by way of advising SAP on the local aspects through RGIIM-S Centre for Development for the North East Region (CEDNER),” she added.

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