Sabarimala Darshan Online Booking 2019

Sabarimala Darshan Online Booking 2019 Begins for November, Check all Details

Sabarimala Darshan Online Booking 2019 has begun to obtain virtual tickets for the month of November for which devotees can book their slots

Sabarimala Darshan Online Booking 2019, using which devotees can obtain virtual tickets to visit the temple, has begun for the auspicious period of 17 to 30 November 2019. The online Sabarimala Pilgrim Management System (PMS), which is a collation of the services offered by Kerala Police and Travancore Dewaswaom Board (TDB), provides devotees the option of pre-booking services such as Virtual Queue and ‘prasadam’ as well.

The Virtual Queue services are being provided free of cost to devotees, and the Kerala Police claims that the successful implementation of Virtual Queue System, reduced the average time taken to reach the place of worship from 4 hours 28 minutes to 2 hours 41 minutes.

How to do Sabarimala Darshan Online Booking 2019?

Devotees interested to take up this service, which is purely available on first come first serve basis, need to do the following according to the official Kerala Police website:

  1. Register with the online Sabarimala Pilgrim Management System (PMS) portal by providing personal details such as name, age address, contact number, e-mail id, photograph, and details of a photo identity card.
  2. The date and time of entering the Virtual Queue can be chosen by the pilgrim subject to the availability of slots, which is indicated by a green color.
Sabarimala DarshanSource:
  1. The devotee has the option to chose to book slots for an individual visit as well as for group visits.
  2. Devotees can choose from two options of the queue system namely: Virtual Q wherein a devotee has quicker access to Sannidhanam and Swamy Q wherein the devotee proceeds through to Sannidhanam via the traditional Sharamkuthy route.
  3. Upon successful completion of online booking, an automated SMS and e-mail are generated and sent to the registered email address.
  4. Devotees are then required to download on their smartphones or print the e-tickets, which have a barcode and mention the date and time slot of darshan.
  5. The e-ticket and photo identification card used for online registration will then be required to be produced at the verification counter, after which Virtual Queue entry cards will be provided.

Interested devotees who wish to avail the services are advised to go through the steps in detail before booking their slots for the Virtual Queue on Users can also call the number 7025800100 of the pilgrim helpdesk for more details.

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