SaaS-ification boosts up Hybrid Email Services

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By: Pramod Sharda, CEO (India & ME), IceWarp


Cloud computing has already made a huge impact on the IT industry. Being in the market for more than a decade, its true capabilities are only now beginning to be realized. Among the various services and platforms, Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the most preferred among enterprises.

Dominate the IT market with SaaS-ified applications

SaaS, a web-based, on-demand software delivery model where the software and associated data are hosted on the cloud. It requires very minimal deployment of infrastructure at the client’s location and entices most of the SMBs. SaaS allows intermediate customization, promotes collaboration and enables agile software development. The implementation of management tasks and responsibilities are opaque to the customer providing ease of management.


Multi-tenant architecture is one of the most preferred among organizations and it ranks high on their lists. Overall, IT departments can focus more on high-value activities that align with and support the goals of the businesses.

Pay as you go

SaaS applications usually come with the usage-based or time-based subscription model. It generates billing for a SaaS plan according to the usage at the end of each month which helps in adding monetary benefits for the organizations. This reduction in overall costs results in increasing the return on investment (ROI).


Most of the startups, SMBs and enterprises are keenly looking to adopt the SaaS model. While doing so, companies need to opt for the right email service providers (ESPs).  A provider, who can offer flexibility by allowing organizations to choose the email storage package as per their requirements, in turn, helping them save cost and providing better ROI. In simple words, choosing the right email marketing system for the business must be a well deliberate decision as it affects the cost, productivity and revenue.

Rule the Digital Era – Go Hybrid/ Rule the Digital Market with Hybrid Email Services

The IT market has re-shaped itself in the last 10 years. Many sectors have dramatically changed and influenced the way we do things today. There is a need to talk about new ways to communicate that didn’t exist before and that known as Social Networks. Organizations are able to adapt the rapid change as technology has created its own digital economy that is bridging gaps between small and big companies locally as well as globally.


Hybrid Email Service has emerged as a torchbearer in this digital era. It is booming in the digital marketing segment as the web opens up a wide range of options to establish online branding. Email has 3X more user accounts than Facebook and Twitter combined. It brings in recurring revenue and has the most loyal customer base.

Security and Scalability

Hybrid emails are the future of email marketing services. The number of user/client information in the database demands for higher security constrains. Nearly 1 out of 5 outgoing emails contains information that poses a legal, financial or regulatory risk. On September 17, 2008, the email account of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was hacked just by resetting her password after answering a few basic security questions. Thus, it becomes one of the key concerns for the customers and in turns the Hybrid Email Service provides multi-layered anti-spam and multi-layered anti-virus protection, which allows customers to send and receive encrypted and signed e-mails.


The Hybrid Email Service offers a complete suite of productivity web applications including Email, Calendaring, Team chats, Video & Voice calls and personal secure online storage. Few collaboration providers offer auto-sync options with Office 365, G - Suite and Outlook that allows customers to carry the functioning of workforce without changing the basic background.

Adoption Rate of Hybrid Email

India is witnessing a wave of startups and enterprises among verticals. Hybrid Email Service is a cloud technology based on which safe and secure communication is carried out by an organization. Improved global access to data from any networked device and at the same time easy way to manage privileges and monitor data use, urging the organizations to focus towards Hybrid Deployment. Many enterprises in India had already upgraded to SaaS based Hybrid Email Services from conventional on-premise solutions based on the advantages and high security. SaaS adoption has increased globally in the past few years, mostly in HRM, CRM, collaboration software and procurement services.

In this digital era, hybrid cloud computing plays an important role in accelerating businesses and reaps benefits/growth in the early stages. The future of IT depends on hybrid as it is going to stay long in the market.

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