Russian FICO Score at NBKI earns Best Scoring Solution Award

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National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBKI), Russia’s leading credit bureau, has received an award for Best Scoring Solution 2016 from Russia’s Banking Review magazine. The award went to the third version of the FICO Score offered by NBKI, which assesses credit risk based on the credit bureau’s data.


The FICO Score at NBKI was developed by Silicon Valley analytics firm FICO, the world leader in credit scoring. The model was built based on decades of international experience, a sound understanding of Russian’s credit behavior and analysis of more than 10 million Russian borrowers and 200 million credit lines at NBKI.

“We are grateful to the award committee for this high appreciation of our work,” said NBKI CEO Alexander Vikulin. “The FICO Score version 3 is the latest generation of the score, and is the most powerful instrument for predicting credit behavior in the Russian market. Its benefits have been seen by a wide range of lenders in Russia, who adopted it in a short period of time.”

“We analyzed hundreds of types of data from millions of NBKI records to build this score,” said Elena Koneva, Russian business development director for Scores at FICO. “Version 3 of the FICO Score includes more than 80 variables that identify credit risk, and we used several observation points to ensure the model would perform well under different economic scenarios.”

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