Rs 100 Crore for Securing Commonwealth Games

Delhi government recently signed a contract of approximately Rupees 100
crore to set up India’s first exclusive Government Radio
Network (GRN) based on TETRA
(TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) to provide a secure communication network
for the upcoming commonwealth games. The network will be rolled out by
jointly by Motorola and HCL Infosystems. The network will not only be a
first in the country but will also create a sound security wall that is
much required for the Commonwealth games.

“The deployment of the Government Radio Network based on
TETRA will not only enhance our communication infrastructure but will
also firmly place New Delhi amongst the leading cities of the world. If
the Asiad brought a shift from black & white television to
colour television, the 2010 games will see the advent of TETRA, which
will open a new chapter of secured and efficient communication between
various government agencies.” said Savitur Prasad, Secretary,
Information Technology, Delhi Government.

In addition to that, the network will also facilitate swift and secure
communication among various Government agencies like the Delhi Police,
Fire Services, Hospitals, Public Works Department and the Delhi
Transport Corporation during the Commonwealth Games and beyond. Delhi
police, it seems shall act like a backbone to this communication setup.

The network is expected to cover the entire metropolitan area of the
capital, including transportation networks such as Delhi
Railway Tunnels and New
Delhi Airport Terminal-II. The GRN has been designed to minimise the
reaction time in the toughest of situations, ensuring minimal call
drops and encrypted communication to maintain the highest levels of
security. HCL
Infosystems and Motorola will jointly collaborate with all Delhi
Government departments to deploy a secure communication network for
seamless inter-department communication.

The huge project once again establishes the tremendous opportunity that
the Commonwealth
games hold for the IT biggies.
IT is expected to be everywhere from surveillance to networks to GIS
and all the players are keen to cash in. This particular netowrk,
though technologically sound can run into a hard patch given the
co-ordination nightmare that is a natural consequence of trying to
achieve a harmony between so many government agencies.

In technological terms, GRN is an advanced digital inter-operable
communication platform that will operate on a secured spectrum and will
have 46 base stations. Communication on the GRN is encrypted to ensure
security, and unlike other public communication infrastructure, this
network is specially designed and built robustly to ensure failsafe
performance even during emergencies. The GRN will help multiple
agencies collaborate over a single platform to ensure well coordinated
optimum response. In the long run, the GRN will continue to offer
options of scalability with easy expansion through additional radio

While Mototrola is the world’s largest TETRA supplier and has deployed
more than 600 digital mission-critical network roll-outs across the
world , HCLI has, in the past rolled out many citizen oriented projects
such as Emergency Response Center for Police (Dial 100), Ambulance
(Dial 102) etc in cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore,
Bhopal, Nagpur, Pune, Bhopal, Dehradun etc in partnership with various
state governments.

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