Roposo launches Business profiles

Roposo, a fashion and lifestyle social network has announced the launch of Business Profiles. This includes a suite of features which will be exclusively available for businesses. The update has just been rolled out on both the Android and iOS platforms, making Roposo a front runner in India’s social commerce sphere to launch tools that make businesses more accessible to their target customers.

Business Profile include a toggle option which allows people to mark their account as a business profile and this opens up options like adding the verified phone numbers as well as business location. With this update, users of the app can see a call button on business profiles which allows them to place a call to the number directly. This is meant to increase direct leads from Roposo for businesses that have a free profile on the app. Having a call button help consumers connect directly with the business instead of waiting for a reply through text or comment.

Mr. Kaushal Shubhank, Co-Founder, Roposo commented “The latest addition to the Roposo app is for businesses. There was a huge demand from their side for features that augment brand visibility and enable deeper engagement with their customers. Now they can build ‘Business Profiles’ and leverage greater customer insights to attain higher reach and sales. Roposo has yet again established its pioneering stance in the social commerce sphere as the only player to bring forth these business-friendly enhancements.”

Another feature of the business profile is the ability to add a location to the account. Clicking on this opens the map which will show the exact route to reach the business and the distance to be travelled. For offline stores, geo tagged locations are the primary way to connect their online businesses to their offline addresses. For Roposo users who want to shop or connect with the brands, having this option makes it very convenient for them to reach the exact spot. Finding the right shop in a crowded market is just a click away for Roposo users and they needn’t to worry about asking around for an address.

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