Rooter elevates sports fan engagement to the next level with new features

Underlining its commitment to take live sports engagement to another level, Rooter, the world’s first social platform that connects sports fans and engages them during live sporting events, has added several exciting new features to its Android app. The platform has enabled real-time updates and match facts for all the matches hosted on Rooter. This will provide a complete, 360-degree engagement experience to Rooter users, giving them an opportunity to really immerse themselves in their most ardent passion – sports!

Rooter has also streamlined and simplified the app flow with the latest feature rollout. Live match prediction games now come with live scores and stats, thereby completing the user experience through the platform. Live match forums with real-time commentary allow fans to pick their sides and root passionately for their favorite teams, and keep them up-to-date with the latest happenings from the pitch without any break in their peer-to-peer interactions. An inbox has been added to help users manage and access their in-app notification at a single place to further deliver a truly world-class user experience.

This focus on creating an unparalleled user experience is why the average daily time spent by active Rooter users on the app has increased to 13.37 minutes in January from 8.25 minutes clocked in the month of December. To put this statistic in perspective, a December report by BI Intelligence estimated that daily average time spent by users on Twitter was 7.4 minutes, while Instagram get an average of 13.5 minutes per user per day. This makes Rooter an attractive proposition for sports teams, franchises, brands, and ticketing platforms looking to connect with passionate fans across the world.

Speaking on the development, Piyush, Founder & CEO, Rooter, said, “Rooter was launched to be the ultimate destination for sports fans to engage with their most favourite sports in real-time. With the latest feature update, we have taken a big step towards achieving that goal and providing an unparalleled sports fan engagement experience to our users. Imagine a platform which is not only giving you consolidated match information in real-time, but also allows you to participate in games and discussions around the match as it happens. We are confident that the new features launched will complete the in-app sports engagement experience for our users and will give them all the more reasons to stay connected to their preferred sporting events through Rooter.”

One of the most interesting features on the Rooter app is the passion score. Calculated on the basis of users’ sports-related social media activity as well as their success in various in-app games such as predictions and pre-match quizzes, it allows sports fans to engage and connect with others sharing the same level of zeal for sports as they do. The passion score is displayed right at the top of the redesigned home screen, along with other key user profile information such as matches participated in, points aggregated, and overall rank.

“Rooter allows fans to uniquely engage with live games across multiple sports on a single platform. Since the format for live gaming and chat forum are same for all sports, fans are prompted to follow new sports and leagues. As a result, many fans that had joined for a particular sport are now engaged with many different sports; international fans are playing games related to the Indian Super League, while several users following football and cricket are crossing over to niche sports like basketball and F1 racing. We are enhancing engagement across sports and geographies, which is why we’ve been able to maintain a strong user cohort and have achieved robust growth in terms of usage statistics as well as app downloads. Our focus is on creating a dedicated ecosystem for sports fans, teams, and brands to interact and engage with one another,” adds Piyush.

With several new sports expected to be added to its engagement catalogue, Rooter is looking to partner with sports associations, leagues and sports-based brands in order to facilitate a much more immersive and connected interaction between sports fans and brands. The platform is also planning to follow the successful feature launch on its Android app by rolling out similar updates for its iOS app by mid-February.

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