ROLTA INDIA LTD – Charting New Course

A flagship company of the Rolta Group, Rolta India Ltd recorded a turnover of Rs 125
crore last year, a growth of 18.8 percent over the previous year. Though it is much less
than the 50 percent growth it registered in 1996-97 fiscal, the net profit went up from Rs

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Kamal K Singh * PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: Systems, Packaged
Software, Software Development
* TECHNICAL COLLABORATION: Intergraph Corp. * AGENCY OPERATIONS: Intergraph Corp., Dell Computer Corp., Bentley Systems,
Magellan Systems
YEAR: 1982
* EMPLOYEES: 1500 * QUALITY CERTIFICATION: ISO 9001 * ADDRESS: Rolta Bhavan, 22nd Street
MIDC-Marol, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400093
* TEL: 8327708 * FAX:


  • l Software exports contributed Rs 45 crore.
  • l Packaged software for CAD/CAM and banking brought in Rs 24 crore.
  • l Sold hardware worth Rs 45 crore.

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20.88 crore to Rs 28.31-a very healthy growth of over 35 percent. The EPS went up
from Rs 4.19 to Rs 5.16, and dividends paid increased from 17.5 percent to 18 percent.

Rolta offers a range of solutions that include software tools bundled with hardware
platforms, and comprehensive training and after sales support. In partnership with
Intergraph, it offers Windows NT-based GIS/mapping solutions for both interactive vector
and interactive image processing requirements. The company also offers integrated and
comprehensive architectural and civil engineering solutions for large infrastructure
projects like roads, bridges, dams, water systems, and city planning and development.
Rolta offers Intergraph’s Plant Design System-a 3D design tool for plant design and
construction, for any type of process and power plant.

Last year the company sold hardware, basically CAD workstations, worth Rs 45 crore, a
drop from Rs 51.55 crore in the previous year. Rolta offers workstations for digital
photogrammetry, electrostatic plotters, high-performance monochrome and color scanners,
film recorders, digitizers, and back-up/archival devices. Rolta, in partnership with Dell,
offers the complete range of Intel Pentium, Pentium Pro, and Pentium II-based desktops,
notebooks, workstations, and servers.

Of the total business done by Rolta, 36 percent came from software exports-which is 100
percent off-shore development work. Currently, the company is working on some major
projects in the US, Europe, India, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Fiji, and Hong Kong. It
provides conversion services in most major software platforms, addressing the needs of
utilities, local, state and federal governments, telephone companies, transportation
companies, engineering firms, and other users of geographic data. The services include:
AM/FM/GIS data conversion; software customization and development; CAD drawing scanning;
raster/vector conversion; database definition and development; AM/FM/GIS project
definition and management; and development of applications.

Among the major projects being executed by the company are converting gas distribution
network data from annually drawn maps for Enerco, posting work-orders and creating digital
databases for US West Communications, converting telephone exchange outside plant records
into a Unix Frame/Oracle database for ALLTEL, and converting the telephone records,
contained on 30,000 hand-drawn outside-plant engineering maps, into a computerized model,
and database of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications, and Telegraphs.

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