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Role Played by Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning in Reskilling

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning have resulted in the need for new and innovative ways to upskill both the leaders and employees of organizations

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning are technologies that any industry today cannot do without. While this has lead to a world of good, shortage of skills is a major issue that the industry is facing as well. In an interview with Dataquest, Kamal Dutta, Managing Director of Skillsoft and SumTotal, India and SAARC region, talks about how AI, cloud computing and machine learning are sourcing the demand for specific skills and the measures being taken by the industry to reskill employees.

How are AI, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning solving the problem of sourcing the demand for specific skills?

The impact of intelligent automation with skills is explained deftly by Machine Learning expert Andrew Ng in the ‘AI Transformation’ Handbook. In it, Andrew explains that with the emergence of the Internet, how shops launched websites, but it did not make them an Internet company just because they could not fully leverage all the opportunities which the Internet had to offer.

The considerations of replacing roles and skills via this automated technology is turning into reality. Chat bots are being used to undertake the initial screening of multiple candidates simultaneously and companies are experiencing cost savings from avoiding additional salaries, recruitment fees etc. CIO’s are also successfully experimenting with this virtual workforce throughout testing, service desk and development.

To be invaluable, the AI systems must intelligently build up decision-based algorithms from multiple inputs including the current chat based data and then in parallel, lookup the historical customer data file (if available), heatmaps of activities showing trends during the point in time this interaction is happening and future based predictions to set the reply back to the customer that delivers a chatbot response with added intelligent value this is the value-add that is key to success.

How are the IT companies warming up with platforms for reskilling needs of its employees?

The IT industry which is predominantly knowledge-based, is constantly trying to upskill and reskill its talent pool to keep up with the changing dynamics of the industry. Different projects require distinct qualities and skill sets in the talent, including the right location, to meet their clients’ demands. A scalable learning management system is no longer optional – it is required. Which is why IT companies are moving away from the traditional LMS to a new category called learning experience platforms (LEP). This type of learning is characterized more by ‘pull’ learning than ‘push’ learning. These modern LMSs offer a consumer-grade user experience; diversity of content, including access to open, free content; social features such as gamification; a much superior mobile experience; and intelligent recommendations powered by AI technologies.

How Learning and Development requirement of an organization has evolved owing to the need for reskilling of the working professionals?

With the advent of a new-age of technologies like AI, Cloud Computing, Augmented Reality, the need to look for new and innovative ways to upskill both the leaders and employees of the organization has evolved drastically. Legacy learning management systems are no way capable of fulfilling this requirement and often the delivered output is not satisfactory. Learning Experience Platforms are taking center stage, with L&D leaders vouching for these platforms which deliver a hyper-personalized experience to each user. As a result, users can choose any mode of learning based on their preferences – anytime, anywhere.

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