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How is robotics framing the Indian education system

From creation of an exciting learning environment to wider range of career opportunities, robotics will play a multi-faceted role in the Indian education.

Digital technologies can contribute to a transformational role in education and learning. Introducing young children to robotics helps ignite creativity, invigorate critical thinking and further permeate a collaborative mind-set by opening up a world of unending career opportunities.

The National Education Policy 2020 by the Indian Government lays extreme emphasis on introducing robotics and coding. In order to generate an empowered education environment of innovation, scientific temperament and creativity amongst Indian students, Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs) has been established in various Indian educational institutions.

Robotics and its advantages:

There are a plethora of opportunities served by the inculcation of robotics in Indian education system.

Creation of an exciting learning environment Robotics provides a fantastic opportunity to learn how real-world creativity reveals from student’s interaction with their various environments: Physical, social, and cultural.

Undoubtedly, there’s an excellent creation of an exciting learning environment as students practice to learn how to use constraints and affordances of robotic construction kits while also engaging in collaborative problem solving in order to build their functional and authentic robotic device.

Quick decision-making ability

As there are no fixed method of programming and designing a robot. Therefore, robotics highly encourages students to analyse and think of various possibilities by reasoning and logical methods to come up with the best suited method. This in turn, enhances their decision-making ability and further empower them to level up as quick independent decision-makers.

The wide range of career opportunities

Robotics involves various principles, practical and theoretical knowledge of engineering fields such as – Automobile, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering as well as other IT skills, and thus opens a plethora of exciting career paths for students.

The advantages of promoting and inculcating Robotics in Indian Education System are many, may it be the ability to take risk or to generate a collaboration and teamwork among students, Robotics education will develop a strong and determined attitude among the many Indian flag bearers.


The author is Tanisha Gupta.

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