Robochamps to offer free AI, coding and robotics courses in Indian languages for rural school children

Robochamps offers free AI, coding and robotics courses in Hindi, English, Gujarati, and Punjabi will soon launch in 35 more local languages

Robochamps, an Edtech startup dedicated to introducing kids to early AI education, recently launched its online courses in Robotics and Coding. Available in Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and English, the company will be providing free courses to kids in the age group of 6 to 17 living in rural areas. The company has decided to enter into the Vernacular segment owing to a sudden surge in the number of inquiries from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities across India post the launch of its English online courses, said a press release.

Robochamps aims to use language localization as a key channel to penetrate rural and semi-urban markets in India and will soon launch the courses in other local languages. Easy to learn, these courses can be availed with just the help of the internet and smartphones. With Live Trainers and other digital methodologies, the company will help students experience hands-on practice in STEM Subjects by using Robotics. The startup will also be conducting a series of webinars to guide children in their careers and has also collaborated with likes of famous academicians such as Anand Kumar.

Akshay Ahuja, CEO and Founder, RoboChamps said: “As per market research company Kantar, India’s rural market is contributing majorly to the digital revolution, with a 45% growth in internet penetration in 2019 as compared to urban India’ s 11%. Rural India has 264 million internet users this is expected to reach 304 million in 2020. Also, the report highlights that local language content and video drive the internet boom in rural India, with a 2.5 times rise in penetration in the last four years.”

“Internet and smartphones are being widely used by Rural India from the past couple of years. A lot of brands across sectors have made an entry through both these mediums and made an impact using language localizations. Our motto is just the same; creating young AI millenials in Rural India so they can help prevent a future pandemic. We plan to train children to make apps, Robots, and other Tech innovations that could help minimalize human interventions. With the launch of or vernacular courses, we are targeting to capture more than 150 cities across India by the year-end and reach 2 lakh students in the next 1 month,” he added.

The startup has been operating in a B2B offline classroom model and has a successful record in mentoring and teaching early geniuses in the field of Robotics. With the help of its team of specialized trainers, it will be educating students online through various curriculums it has been successfully using across schools.

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