Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions renamed as Bosch Global Software Technologies (BGSW)

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions renamed as Bosch Global Software Technologies (BGSW), effective from January 3rd 2022

DQI Bureau
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Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pvt Ltd (RBEI) announced a change in the company name to Bosch Global Software Technologies Pvt Ltd (BGSW). The new name is effective from January 3rd 2022.


The change will be one of the largest that RBEI will undertake since its inception 25 years ago. The company’s restructuring began in Q2 2020, as part of the company’s effort to accelerate business strategy, anticipate future demand and adapt to market change.

RBEI is the largest software and technology centre for Bosch outside Germany with a delivery and sales network across several global locations such as Mexico, Vietnam, North America, Japan, Germany, Middle East and India. The strategic name change comes with enhancement in the company’s capabilities, competencies, business models & working engagements to scale and continue to play a dominant role in software & product engineering at Bosch.

The development brings to fore the nature of the company’s work in software-led technology. Being a global hub for software, BGSW caters to customers and partners across geographies and industries in their digitalisation journey. The name change complements the company’s hiring strategy to recruit best-in-class talent from premier universities in the areas of AI, ML, Cybersecurity, Computer Vision and other new age technologies. In line with that, the company is looking to hire 5500+ engineers in 2022. The company is also expanding to new locations with a new center slated to be inaugurated in Hyderabad, Pune in India and Hanoi in Vietnam later in the year.


The company is looking to strengthen its innovation focus and R&D capabilities. Steady initiatives and investments are being made in various technologies in the connected products, connected industry, mobility and connected enterprise domains. Recently inaugurated state-of-the-art Hacker’s Garage, the IoT Garage and an internal ‘innovation’ fund are introduced to promote an environment where promising ideas can be nurtured and incubated. These centres will also be a collaborative ecosystem for Start-ups, external companies and academia to participate in an environment of co-creation and co-innovation.

On the name change, Dattatri Salagame, CEO, President and MD, Bosch Global Software Technologies, said: "We have been a software company since inception and this name change is an emphatic commitment to strengthen our best-in-class software engineering to lead in this #techade. Digital Natives of today consume an experience and software drives the differentiation in that experience. At Bosch Global Software Technologies, we want to provide an environment which is conducive to create, innovate and experiment to solve important customer problems using technology and win more for Bosch. For that, bringing in the best software talent will serve as our competitive advantage.”

The change in the company name is in sync with efforts to enhance software-led technology expertise. Sriram TV, VP, Human Resources, added: "To build best-in-class software products & solutions, having best-in-class talent is key. We are strengthening our focus on industry-academia collaborations, start-ups and partners to create more opportunities of co-innovating and co-engineering.”