RMgX launches new smartphone app- Cardinal

New Update

RMgX has announced the launch of a new smartphone app that allows users to view and use ongoing deals on their existing debit and credit cards, and be up to date about opportunities in their vicinity. Cardinal – Be Card Smart, developed by RMgX, is a free mobile application for zooming in on hot deals that are available on particular cards with regards to food, shopping, movies, etc. to obtain discounts or add cashback to your account, and is also immediately available to the entire community of users. The app demonstrates RMgX’s commitment to banking and finance solutions and their capabilities in assigning latest vouchers, discount cards and deals for the users that help strengthen the brands and evolve their businesses.

“The post-demonetization phase has helped us quickly launch an app that offers great flexibility for the digital payment gateways through smartphone usage and mobile wallet experience to the users,” said Nishant Varshaney, founder RMgX. “With Cardinal, users can make quick use of the deals and discount vouchers to make their payment easy and simultaneously, keep on saving money through cashbacks and referral coupons. Cardinal looks into providing its users a great way to make safe online transactions without using their account or card numbers, resulting in rapid access to customers requirements. It helps you select the best cards at that particular shop or purchase point to save big in your day to day life.”

RMgX is evolving as a recognized leader in card smart services in day to day transactions and payments. Cardinal is the best example of how RMgX uses their experience in mobile banking and finance technology to help clients transform their business and payment models. Cardinal’s mobile offerings combine industry knowledge and business process advisory services with cutting edge user experience and design to help users harness the benefits of digital card payments across the globe.

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