RiT Tech Demonstrates Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Design in Association with Intel

RiT Tech participated in DCD Summit for Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Design and showcased their latest XpedITe Platform

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RiT Tech participated in DCD Summit for Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Design and  showcased their latest XpedITe Platform; empowers IT and Data Center managers to take greater control of their management and decision-making capabilities.


RiT Tech also exposed a new module, based on Intel DCM technology. The new module monitors in real-time the actual data of power, health and inlet temperature and provides high-value power management features that address power and thermal issues challenging IT organizations. Each device becomes an IoT sensor that collects data and provides the customers with the server-level telemetry and control that is needed in today’s data systems.

RiT Tech was attended by the top brass including Assaf Skolnik, CEO and Yoel Zohar, VP R&D where the company witnessed an overwhelming response.

Speaking on the occasion, Assaf Skolnik, CEO, RiT Tech said “At RiT Tech, we are committed to providing breakthrough technologies for the infrastructure business environment, while developing innovative products that become the core necessity in the day-to-day operations of the technological systems within the organizations, and hence we are optimistic that RiT’s XpedITe Platform will go a long way to fulfill our commitment towards providing such technological solutions.”

XpedITe key benefits: real-time management for better control, increased efficiency and automation, simplicity and agility, and control and ease-of-use.

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