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Rise up to a vivid world of visuality powered by display tech

Innovative display technologies in the Age of Screen have now amplified human visual limits and in turn visuality. A multitude of technological developments in the last 2 years has pushed the digital industry towards progress.

We are already talking about an immersive experience as close to metaverse, the biggest tech trend for the year. It’s not far that a slew of technologies will be ready to meet our eyes and regulate our daily lives. Today, 8K is surfacing as the next big thing and is set to drive visuality by enriching the viewing experience for sports, movies, and live streams. All thanks to the consumer’s rising realization and want for an immersive and enriched experience.

Visuality is making a huge difference across all sectors. Visual elements like – audio, video, color, shape, texture, effects are evolving immensely and its implementation in IoT hardware by companies are immersing the visuality experience at its best, from transmitting a precise message to a recipient to broadcasting large scale content over the OTT platforms and giving a sense of personalized yet an immersive experience with IoT exclusive visuals over a screen.

A recent report by Booble stated, 77% of people get a better understanding of a context by looking at the visuals than listening to words. The global visual analytics market is expected to grow at USD 6.51 billion by 2022 from USD 2.57 billion in 2017 as estimated by MarketsandMarkets research. Content viewing is expected to become richer and profound in the coming years mainly in the corporate, entertainment, education, and gaming sectors. We foresee trending IoT technologies being embedded by the companies in their devices, enhancing the adoption of visuality in these sectors.

Corporate – With hybrid working in place, both employer and employee seek seamless visual connectivity. Display devices such as eye-care monitors, portable projectors, webcam, an app-free wireless presentation solution, Chrome devices (chrome books, chrome bits, chrome box), and DuoBoard interactive flat panels fused with the advanced IoT hardware and software are expected to enable effective sharing of creative ideas from the cloud whiteboard into reality, wireless projection of content to anywhere from anyplace with the adoption of BYOM (Bring your own meeting) concept, and pushing the limits of collaboration with high-quality video conferencing and touchscreen displays and brightness intelligence technology.

Education – Future-proof display combination solutions for blended learning classrooms are expected to engage and engross students remotely, the same way as in a physical class. The adoption of Integrated ClassroomCare technology solutions is anticipated to rise. Dual screens – the concept of screen mirroring, smart eye-care 4k Ultra UHD projectors and monitors, interactive flat panels enabling collaboration in class and over the cloud, smart applications like YouTube, MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meet are expected to amplify the virtual simulations of students leading to focused immersion and knowledge retention.

AR/VR content over the cloud tech boards and other interactive tech tools like digital textbooks, digital smart-pens, and online sticky notes will create a highly engaging, interactive, and realistic environment with a personalized learning experience. Technology is enabling it to act as the best companion for blended learning, STEAM, and Project-Based Learning.

Gaming – The mechanics of visual experience is very luring to the Gamers & engaging them to spend more time. Online gamers in India are estimated to increase from 360 million in 2020 to 510 million in 2022 according to an EY report. We expect a surge in the demand for curved gaming monitors in 2022 equipped with Intelligent Game HDRi, AMD FreeSync, Trevolo Audio, Gaming Enhancements modes, RCG, SPG, quick OSD, Scenario mapping, Light Tuner, AI, predictive analysis, Face/Voice Recognition revolutionizing the gaming experience and industry.

Entertainment – We have seen a tremendous increase in visuality at home, be it for office work or entertainment. People are highly dependent on displays. With the emergence of OTT channels and limitations to visit theatres, people are influenced towards creating their own entertainment space at home. The demand for Curved Ultrawide Entertainment Monitors, 4K Laser TV Cinematic Projection enrolled with innovative technology such as engrossing curvature, WQHD+ resolution, 4K UHD megapixel resolution, 3-sided bezel-less panel, HDR10 / HLG USB-C connectivity, Filmmaker mode, 2D/3D Keystone, HDTV-standard coverage, tailored picture, DLP 4K technology, sleek design, ambient light rejection screen and sound modes.

2022 will set a ‘new reality of visuality at home. From education, work to entertainment everything is shrunk to households. People are inclined towards creating a visual infrastructure at home and are expanding extensively over environment-friendly C02 emission-free devices with eye-care features. Sales for portable, 4K Laser projectors, gaming monitors, and eye-care monitors are estimated to go up at a large scale. We expect a wave of innovative IoT applications and software solutions to bombard visuality in the coming years.

— Rajeev Singh, MD, BenQ India.

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