Ricoh India unveils Ricoh Theta SC

Ricoh India Ltd., a leader in the field of Imaging Solutions & IT Services, unveils Ricoh Theta SC. It is a spherical camera that captures the space around with just one touch. Developed as the standard-class model of the popular RICOH THETA series, this 360-degree camera provides outstanding usability even for first-time users, with a full range of basic features and solid specifications.

The Ricoh Theta SC measures a convenient 45.2mm (W) x 130.6mm (H) x 22.9mm (17.9 mm*6) and weighs approximately 102gms which makes it noticeably lighter and less bulky than a basic compact camera.

The new RICOH THETA SC allows users to easily transfer capture 360-degree images to smartphones and tablet computers. In addition, it also allows users to upload their images to the dedicated website and then share them on social networks, or upload 360-degree videos directly to Facebook and YouTube. The RICOH THETA SC captures high-resolution, fully spherical videos at Full HD quality (1920x 1080 recorded pixels, 30 frames per second) for a maximum duration of five minutes (after a synthesizing process). The images can be taken in just 1.5 seconds after the power is turned on, making it a high performance camera.

RICOH THETA SC is also compatible with the new Google Street View app. The app allows capturing and publishing photo spheres instantly to Google Maps for people all over the world to explore. One could either shoot photo spheres in the app, or connect it to spherical cameras like RICOH THETA SC.

The RICOH THETA SC is equipped with an LED indicator on its front panel for at-a-glance confirmation of the current mode, and a still-image/video switching button on the side panel. They let users operate the camera smoothly and unerringly even when it is disconnected from a smartphone or tablet computer.

The camera is available in blue, beige, pink and white with a base price of Rs.25995/ and is available from 16th November.

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