Revolutionary AI/ML-backed underwriting and rating engine behind Recur Club’s success

Recur Club transforms your recurring revenue into upfront capital through subscription-based financing. It partners with companies by unlocking fast, flexible, transparent and non-dilutive capital at every stage of their growth journey, and provide an ecosystem to amplify their growth.

Here, Abhinav Sherwal, Co-Founder, Recur Club, tells us more. Excerpts from an interview:

DQ: Tell us about Recur Club and the services that your company offers?

Abhinav Sherwal: Recur Club is Asia’s first and only trading platform for companies with recurring revenue streams to raise non-dilutive growth capital. Founders can trade their subscriptions for upfront capital – it’s like their monthly or quarterly customers just paid them upfront on the click of a button. This Subscription based financing through Recur Club, aims at unlocking fast, flexible, transparent, and non-dilutive capital at every stage of an organization’s growth journey and provides an ecosystem to amplify their growth.

DQI Bureau | DATAQUEST Abhinav Sherwal.

DQ: What were the company’s goals and objectives when it was founded?

Abhinav Sherwal: We want Recur Club to be a one-stop growth platform for companies with recurring revenue streams across the globe, providing them with the ability to unlock CAPS (Capital, Advisory, Partnerships and Sales) at the click of a button.

Since the company’s foundation, we have received tremendous response from companies and institutional investors, and currently have over $45 million tradable contracts listed on our platform.

DQ: What are your growth plans for this year?

Abhinav Sherwal: Scale Recur Club to address efficiently the growth capital needs and have over US$ 1 billion tradeable recurring revenue contracts on the platform. Recur Club will also diversify to other geographies.

DQ: Elaborate about what kind of technologies Recur Club is using to advance their business growth?

Abhinav Sherwal: We have built a revolutionary AI/ML-backed underwriting and rating engine at Recur Club. We integrate this with the company’s financial and subscription software, and unlock their trading limits within 48 hours. Recur Club is able to be one of the fastest ways to cash in the bank for companies through its ‘tech-first’

DQ: What were the major challenges the company has faced till now?

Abhinav Sherwal: Despite the startup community in the country being driven by founders who are disruptive and revolutionary, when it comes to their business offerings, years of conventional financial wisdom means that founders still continue to view fundraising very conventionally in terms of traditional debt and equity.

It is a challenge to educate the ecosystem on innovative alternate capital raising solutions such as those offered by Recur. However, as we are educating the market, we have seen tremendous uptake and traction, both on the companies and institutional investor side.

DQ: How is your company helping customers deliver relevant business outcomes through the adoption of the company’s technology innovations?

Abhinav Sherwal: Our AI/ML underwriting engine and tech-enabled trading platform allows companies to raise growth capital within 48 hours. This is in contrast to other capital infusion methods like equity financing that can sometimes take over 6 months to cash in bank.

Through this we allow companies to focus on their business goals like customer acquisition, surging ahead of their competition, entering new markets and investing in technology and people to improve their product/service offering while we take care of the financing requirements.

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