Revamped ERP Product

Chennai-based Ramco Systems’ ERP product–Ramco Marshal has been revamped as Ramco e.Applications. The new version 3.1 is a web-enabled family of enterprise software solutions offering four vertical applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM), human resources management (HRM) and ecommerce. Each of these solutions is centered over 35 core applications under nine application groups and over 15 tools and utilities. The core functionality has been enhanced in the Ramco Enterprise Suite in the areas of supply chain, customer service, plant functions, financials, HRM, Indian extensions, tools and utilities. To enhance functionality and also deliver end-to-end solutions in selected industry verticals, enterprises can deploy certified Ramco Solution Partnership products along with Ramco e.Applications. The current suite of Ramco Solution Partnership products comprises solutions in the areas of EDI, ecommerce, advanced planning and scheduling (APS) and healthcare. Ramco Solution Partnership is an ongoing program and will include additional products as and when customer requirements grow and suitable products are identified and certified under the program.

Ramco Internet Gateway
Five internet-enabled products are available with Ramco Internet Gateway. These products work under a browser environment. The products’ features include:

  • WEB/SUPPLIER: Web/Supplier allows vendors to place a quotation directly into the system based on the ‘request for quotation’ reference. The Ramco Purchasing application in Ramco e.Applications then automatically triggers off other processes leading to the creation of a purchase order based on this quotation. The vendor can even track the status of the purchase order at various points to plan delivery schedules.

  • WEB/CUSTOMER: With Web/Customer, customers can see a company’s product catalog over the internet. The order placed by the customer is then taken up by the Ramco Sales application to trigger off purchase, production and other processes within the enterprise. The customer can check the availability of products and the status of the orders online.

  • WEB/SELF SERVICE: Claims and leave applications can be made over the internet. Employees situated at different operating locations can now ensure that they are not left out of corporate training programs by accessing the training calendar through the internet. They can request for enrolment to courses and track the status of their request. 

  • WEB/EMPLOYEE: Leave authorization, cancellation and claim approvals can be processed.

  • WEB/APPLICANT: You can attract a wider choice of new recruits by using Web/Applicant to advertise job openings on the web. Prospective employees can submit their resume online through the ‘resume entry’ menu and track the status of their applications through the web.

Available From:
Ramco Systems
3-5, Sardar Patel Road, 
Taramani, Chennai – 600 113
Tel: 044-235 4510
Fax: 044-235 2884

Ramco add-on products
The current suite of Ramco add-on products comprises of Ramco Integration Manager, Ramco Branch Transaction Uploader, Ramco Project Organizer and Ramco Real Time Integrator.


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