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Responsible technology will be a license to operate in the future: Thomas Jensen, Milestone

Thomas Jensen, CEO, Milestone Systems, presented Milestone System’s strategic direction at MIPS 2022 in Dubai. Milestone Systems is a global leader in data-driven video technology software.

Talking about Milestone’s business roadmap and partner ecosystem, he said: “We have to modernize video surveillance for the new age through data-driven, AI-enabled technology, both in and beyond security. We are a partner-driven company. Our ambition is to double our revenue in the next five years.”

DQI Bureau | DATAQUEST Thomas Jansen.

Further to announcing new innovations, they said they will increase the range of on-premise, hybrid cloud, and cloud-native data-driven video technology solutions.

Data is the future, and using that, Milestone Systems’ key focus in 2023 will be on transportation, smart cities, manufacturing, hospitality and healthcare. They will continue to invest in technologies that enable data-driven insights, and which will help create robust video solutions.

He added: “We are here to help customers solve real-life problems. Solve problems that we face as a community, be it using technology to redirect queues for road congestions, or provide assistance to ensure proper patient care in hospitals. We are here to make citizens feel safe. Not just that, public opinion towards technology and purposeful use of data has been changing. As custodians, we must do the right thing. Our goal is to make responsible use of technology and data to make citizens a part of society and not being excluded from it.”

Milestone Systems turns 25 next year, and the company has been a beacon in the industry with its strong and ethical identity. They will increase engagements with legislators to carve a path for the business with a sense of responsible use of technology – which will be a license to operate in the future.

Jensen said: “We enable our customers to see what they may have missed. We live in a digital age, and as we venture into exciting times in the future, we will be able to also predict things using data. We want to make the world see through the power of video technology.”

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