Reskilling Can Get You Artificial Intelligence Jobs that Pay as Much as Rs 10 Lakhs

Reskilling has become a priority as the industry faces a dearth of skilled technologists with the advent of the digital transformation phenomenon

Supriya Rai
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Digital transformation has become a buzzword of late and is a trend every industry wants to be onboard with. Nonetheless, while digital transformation is revamping the way businesses function shortage of skills in employees is causing hindrance for companies to truly adopt new age technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. Therefore, companies are endorsing reskilling for it could be the only way out of this problem.


“Aspiring technologists have to seriously consider reskilling – raising their skillsets, learning from different sources, and investing in peer-learning, while remaining agile and responsive to the demands of the market. The days when one could choose a technology, specialize in it and work on it for years together are now history. The new mantra is to continuously evolve, be experimental, and be open to and invest in continuous and lifelong learning,” said Nishikant Nigam, EVP and Chief Delivery Officer at CSS Corp while addressing the issue of skills shortage.

Even CP Gurnani, MD and CEO of Tech Mahindra highly endorses reskilling and said “At Tech Mahindra, reskilling is core to our strategy; today’s disruptive business landscape demands for our talents to be future ready and it is our prime responsibility that the right tools and innovative pathways are facilitated for them. This recognition motivates us to continue investing in empowering our workforce to stay relevant in the digital future,” after he was honored with a Gold in CEO World Awards 2018 for his ambitious initiative aimed at reskilling and up-skilling over 112,000 Tech Mahindra employees, as per a release issued by the company.

There is another initiative for aspiring technologists to consider reskilling. As per data released by Simplilearn, a platform that offers courses in new age technologies like data science, bid data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, AI and ML jobs are in demand in India and those proficient in it can earn anywhere from 4 lakhs to as much as 18 lakhs.


Data on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Jobs in India

Based on current trends and demands, Simplilearn has released the top “In demand AI and machine learning jobs in India” along with their average salaries (per annum). Some of the artificial intelligence jobs in demand are data scientist (salary Rs 8.5 to 10 lakhs), machine learning engineer (Rs 6.5 to 8 lakhs), software architect (Rs 19 lakhs), data analyst (Rs 4 to 5 lakhs), and robotics scientist (Rs 5 to 7 lakhs).



The skills needed for the jobs are Python, R Spark, Java, C++, Linux, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks and Data mining. Simplilearn mentions that there are nearly 4000 job openings in the field and banking, IT, financial services, management consulting, recruitment and educational industries are looking to hire experts in AI.


Furthermore, the machine learning jobs that are in demand are machine learning engineer (8 to 12 lakhs), software architect (10 to 18 lakhs), DW engineer (Rs 6.72 lakhs), data analyst (Rs 3.5 to 4 lakhs), and data stack developers (Rs 5.77 to 8 lakhs).



The skills needed for machine learning jobs are CS fundamentals and programming, probability and statistics, data modeling and evaluation, machine learning algorithms, software and system design, python, C++, R and Java. The number of machine learning jobs is as many as 8000 and financial service, banking, research, telecommunications, IT and services industries are looking for technologists proficient in the same.



Some of the top companies hiring AI and Ml experts are Accenture, Amazon, Cisco, GoldmanSachs, JP Morgan, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Dell, Intel, NVidia, and Societe Generale, says Simpilearn.

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