Research methodology: Dataquest Top T-School 2020 Survey

With focus on how T-Schools contribute to key skills for technology industry, survey provides cues for the industry and other stakeholders

DQI Bureau
New Update

The T-School 2020 Survey witnessed participation from across the tiers of T-schools in the country. It had participation from some of the prestigious IITs, NITs and other Tier III private and government institutes.


The survey had at least one T-school participating from each of the state of India. The private T-schools proactively participated in the exercise with over 81% representing this category.

Government institutes need to engage more actively as their strengths could also get highlighted through this annual exercise Southern region based T-schools took lead in participating in the survey with over 46% of the respondent institutes coming from this region. This was followed by North, West and East in that order.

Within the aegis of the PACE Framework, there were over 30 key questions in a structured questionnaire format, that were shared with the T-Schools for their inputs. These questions enabled the DQ-CMR team to build a comprehensive and cohesive picture of the T-School. Adequate time was allocated for the T-Schools to share their filled-in nominations, either online or via physical modes.


The submissions were scrutinized by the CMR EduTech Practice for completeness and veracity of information shared, and scrutinized through a random check process, with >30% of the submissions cross-checked, as per the market research code of ethics. CMR analysts reached out to key stakeholders for further deliberations, enabling for a holistic snapshot of the T-School.

The quantitative inputs received and verified from various T-Schools were then analysed wherein the absolute data was normalised to relative data in order to compare the parameters across the participating institutions.

For each of the above parameter segments, a final score was achieved, which was then factored with the pre-defined weights to arrive at the overall score of each participating T-school. The institutes were then ranked with the highest score across all parameters ranking at the top. The rankings were also arrived by category and region for the T-schools.

As an industry acclaimed hallmark on technical education, the Dataquest T-School Survey, with its focus on how the T-Schools contribute to key skills for the technology industry, provides cues for the industry and other stakeholders in the ecosystem.