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Remote employee platform Wishup secures $1 million funding from Orios Venture Partners

The fresh flow of funds will be utilised to strengthen the supply end of the platform in India.

Delhi-based remote work/employee platform Wishup raises USD 1 million from Orios Venture Partners in a recent funding round. The amount will be utilised to further strengthen the supply end of the platform in India.

Founded in 2015 by IITians Neelesh Rangwani and Neelesh Gupta, the startup focuses on redefining the work culture and task management in India with a global overview. The startup presently aims to expand its available categories by providing job-seekers across categories such as Admin, Operations, Bookkeeping and Marketing. Wishup’s ambition is now geared to engage more entrepreneurs and companies across India and internationally, and has been backed by the investment round by Orios Venture Partners.

Neelesh Rangwani, Co-founder, Wishup, said, “At Wishup, we have recorded exponential growth and these fresh round of funds will help us further strengthen the supply end of our platform in India, driving us to reach even better heights. We are looking forward to engage more talents from across our country and the globe in multiple verticals and categories.”

Rajeev Suri, Managing Partner, Orios Venture Partners, said, “The world is seeing a post lockdown reset, which has changed scenarios across societies. In this newly emerging landscape, there are entirely new whitespaces that are opening up. “Work from home” is one such space. Wishup’s innovative business model has the potential to deliver exponential growth owing to the effects of its dual-sided network. The remote working demand is already expanding rapidly in the first world post the pandemic, and Wishup is able to match that with a supply network leveraging the huge talent base in India and other emerging countries.

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