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Reliance Jio, Snapchat Launch Creative Video Challenge, 100 Winners to Get Free Recharge from Jio

Reliance Jio and Snapchat have partnered to launch the ‘Jio’s Got Talent’ creative challenge, and one winner will receive a trip to Thailand for two

Reliance Jio and Snap Inc. are launching a creative challenge called ‘Jio’s Got Talent’ for Snapchat users to showcase their talent and connect with friends. For this purpose, Jio and Snapchat have created a Snapchat AR lens that allows users to select different augmented reality props like a mic, hat, headphone and light-rings.

To take part in the challenge, users should record a video of a maximum 10 seconds showcasing their talent using Jio’s Got Talent lens on Snapchat. After that, participants must include their Snapchat or Snapcode username in the video caption and upload it to ‘Our Story’ on Snapchat, so that it can be seen by the public.

Interested users can begin to take part in the challenge from 26 January 2020 and submit their entries until 4 February 2020. One winner of the contest stands a chance to win a trip to Thailand for two, while 100 best entries will win one month of free recharge from Jio.

How to Take Part in the Reliance Jio, Snapchat Challenge?

To take part in the Jio’s Got Talent creative challenge, users will have to do the following:

  1. Click the snapcode or open Snapchat and scan the code available on the dedicated website. Users who do not have Snapchat installed, will be redirected to their respective app store.
  2. Unlock the Jio’s Got Talent Lens by either scanning the snapcode or by visiting the dedicated website.
  3. Record the 10-second entry and then add the respective user’s Snapchat ID.
  4. Add the entry to ‘Our Story’ to submit the video.

The prizes won are not transferrable says the official Reliance Jio website.

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