Reliance Industries initiates work from home protocol for all its employees

Reliance Industries has initiated work from home for all staff, but will allow about 10% staff on rotation for manning essential public services

Reliance Industries has initiated a work from home protocol for all its employees across the country and overseas in response to the evolving Coronavirus situation. This protocol will be effective until 31 March 2020. The company has migrated to an ‘Agile Work From Home’ protocol that encourages all employees to work from home and to utilise all productivity and digital tools at their disposal to maximize productivity. The staff has been advised to communicate more often among each other than on normal days and to stay connected over Outlook, MS Teams and enterprise platforms as well as the company’s other internal platforms.

However, considering the public requirements in such an unprecedented situation, RIL will continue to provide all essential services to the citizens and will keep open its main retail grocery stores, its telecom connectivity services, the Hospital and any other essential services required for the public or business continuity. To perform these essential services, RIL hopes to keep staff requirement to the minimum possible and expects about 10 percent of its staff to be deployed, on a rotation basis, as feasible.

RIL is providing adequate health safety training to all its essential staff through frequent advisories and communication. The company will also reimburse app taxi fare for such staff for work-related commute during this period so as to reduce pressure on public transport. The company lauded the ‘ownership mindset’ of employees and while it understands the need for some staff to be physically present for business-critical functions, it assures them that their safety at the workplace is the company’s highest priority and all standards of sanitation and hygiene have been implemented including its entire Emergency Response infrastructure in ready state.

RIL will continue to monitor the situation and evaluate its response mechanisms on a real time basis, said a statement from the company.

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