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Reliance General Insurance launches AI-powered SpeechBot for better CX

Reliance General Insurance recently launched an AI-powered Intelligent virtual assistant SpeechBot on its Call-Centre IVR system. The SpeechBot is intuitively designed to auto-identify customers and enable them to seamlessly register their Motor claims without having to wait for a physical call-centre support to respond. With 24×7 availability, SpeechBot offers multilingual support to customers with zero wait-time during claim intimation.

In motor insurance industry, claim intimation primarily happens at a time when the customer is facing a vehicle breakdown or a loss, in which case it becomes imperative to provide support faster and effectively. In today’s scenario, when the customer calls the support centre to report a claim, there are long hold queues or call drops, until a customer support executive responds, leading to high customer distress. With the introduction of SpeechBot, this challenge gets solved, so once a customer calls the RGI support centre, SpeechBot will identify the policyholder with the help of just a few input responses and enable them to register their claim instantly with almost zero wait-time.

With SpeechBot the most important process of Claims intake – ‘Data gathering for the First Notice of Loss’ also gets eased, as the extensive questioning related to the claim becomes concise and automated, with this Intelligent Virtual Assistant, enhancing the customer experience significantly.

Speaking about it, Rakesh Jain, ED & CEO, Reliance General Insurance said, “We at Reliance General Insurance have always had a customer-first approach while looking at solving such process challenges. Claims is the most critical aspect of Insurance, and in today’s tech-driven world, customers expect ease and speed. Hence we decided to make the entire claim intimation journey seamless with SpeechBot the AI powered agent. SpeechBot understands the customer’s issue and steers the conversation to provide a quick and relevant response with no wait or hold time. This technology enables customers to interact through a natural language using convenient voice-based chat interface and works on real time speech to text transcription while passing it to the core systems through API.”

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