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Reliance Foundation Invites Applications from Students in India for 100 Scholarships Worth up to Rs 6 lakh

Reliance Foundation scholarships are open to students pursuing their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from institutes across India

Reliance Foundation Scholarships is now open for applications. Reliance Foundation will identify and support 100 of India’s brightest undergraduate and postgraduate students with a grant award and a strong development program that will nurture their skills to innovate for social good. Through the Reliance Foundation Scholarships, up to 60 undergraduate students will receive a grant of up to Rs 4 Lakh each, while up to 40 postgraduate students will be awarded up to Rs 6 Lakh each for the duration of their degree.

Students will, in addition, gain valuable opportunities to interact with leading global experts, apply for mentoring, internships, volunteering, a strong alumni network and more. Reliance Foundation will also nurture and support these bright scholars with an exceptional holistic development programme, including expert interactions, industry exposure and volunteering opportunities creating a cohort of excellence, every year. There is no entry fee to apply.

Who Can Apply for Reliance Foundation Scholarships?

The scholarship opportunity is open to first-year undergraduate and postgraduate students from institutes across India pursuing degree programs from the following subjects:

  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Computer Sciences.
  • Mathematics and Computing.
  • Electrical and/or Electronics Engineering.
  • Students must be resident Indian citizens.
  • For the undergraduate scholarship students should have secured a rank of 1 to 35,000 in the JEE Main (Paper 1) examination.
  • For the postgraduate scholarship, students should have secured a score of 550 to 1,000 in the GATE examination or students who have not attempted GATE and have scored 7.5 or above in their undergraduate CGPA can also apply.

Reliance Foundation Scholarships will identify and select the brightest students in India through a rigorous and competitive selection process, which includes an online application and interviews with a panel of leading Indian and international experts. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of merit and applicants from across all socio-economic backgrounds have been encouraged to apply for the opportunity. 

80% of the funds will be granted in advance at the start of each academic year, to use for tuition and direct academic expenses. The remaining 20% of the funds will be granted upon request to support professional development, including indirect academic and personal development expenses, including conference related expenses. Those who wish to know more are advised to go through the official website for further information and to apply for the scholarship.

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