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Reliance ADA Group’s Unlimit Control: Comprehensive IoT Connectivity Management Platform

Unlimit Control quickly helps users identify if the issue is related to hardware, software or network enabling them to troubleshoot the issue accordingly

Unlimit, the only end-to-end IoT service provider in India, part of Reliance ADA Group, announced the launch of Unlimit Control, a robust connectivity management platform that ensures reliable data delivery. Unlimit Control not only efficiently manages the entire enterprise centrally, but also manages data consumption, reduces cost and scales up the business effortlessly.

This next generation platform creates automated tasks to ensure that the devices are always online to provide a reliable connection. “In today’s hi-tech world, connectivity has become crucial for enterprises to link the “things” to the back-end systems through global networks. With Unlimit Control, we provide all the tools necessary to efficiently and profitably transform any enterprise into a connected device business. We are committed to innovate and launch disruptive technologies in the world of IoT business and aim to reach a revenue of USD 300-400 million in India”, explained Mr. Jürgen Hase, CEO, Unlimit.

Unlimit Control offers six key capabilities: Lifecycle Automation, Monitoring & Diagnosis, Comprehensive Security, Cost Management, Global Deployment and Back-end Integration. The mentioned key capabilities help organizations enhance the lifecycle management, improve operational efficiencies, perform remote diagnostics for increased availability and enhances security of the connected devices with reliable and robust connectivity management. Additionally, Unlimit Control quickly helps users identify if the issue is related to hardware, software or network hence enabling them to troubleshoot the issue accordingly. Unlimit Control complies with three key industry standards:

  • AIS 140 ready:  AIS 140 solution should be able to perform an Automatic Switch and an On-Demand switch between profiles on real-time basis for effective network management and transmission
  • Automotive grade ready: Segments such as the OEM for Private and Commercial vehicles require apt solution that suits Automotive grade IoT/ M2M applications
  • Industrial grade ready: Segments such as Vehicle Tracking, Energy Metering, Control and Monitoring, Vending Machines, require apt solution that suits Industrial grade IoT/ M2M applications

With the use of Unlimit Control for automated deployment and terminal monitoring, companies will be able to increase the new device expansion to a great extent in the market. It can customize security rules to prevent a data breach, one of the biggest concerns in today’s world and send real time alerts through Automated Monitoring.

Launched in 2016, Unlimit has excelled in providing a unique environment to its customers, giving the end-organization an opportunity to pilot emerging IoT solutions in a live retail scenario along with a sturdy growth.

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