Reliance 44th AGM

Reliance 44th AGM: Reliance to Give Rs 10 Lakhs to Employees Who Have Passed Away Due to COVID-19

At the 44th Reliance AGM, Reliance Industries has announced that it will provide Rs 10 lakhs as well as 5 years of salary to employees who have passed away

Reliance 44th AGM is currently underway, and Nita Ambani has just announced that Reliance Industries will provide Rs 10 lakhs of lump sum amount to all employees who have passed away due to COVID-19. The company will also support families of such employees with five years of salary, and medical and support. Furthermore, education of the children of these employees will be supported by the company as well.

The company will also undertake a vaccination drive for its employees, and partners. “Reliance Industries Limited’s Mission Vaccine Suraksha is one of India’s largest corporate vaccination drives, to vaccinate 20 lakh of our Family, including retired employees, partner company employees, and their families free of cost. I assure you that in every challenge that India faces, Reliance Foundation has and will continue to stand with every Indian. Together, we shall overcome as we always have,” said Nita Ambani.

Mukesh Ambani, chairman and managing director, Reliance Industries Limited, while welcoming all the shareholders to the company’s 44th Annual General Meeting said: “Our business and financial success since last AGM have exceeded expectations. But what has given me far greater happiness than our business performance is RIL’s humanitarian efforts during these exceedingly difficult times.”

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