Reimagining customer conversations with an AI chatbot

The new way of living contactless, an unexpected course pivoting remote-work models, and a massive surge in the call volume – The present pandemic situation has inundated people, businesses, and customer engagement teams in equal measure. With consumers spending so much more time online, the message is clear. Consumers need more help than they did in the past, and they want it quickly, in a more personalized way. Knowing where your customers are and creating a strong presence on those channels has become an important goal for any business.

As communication between companies and consumers occurs more frequently via messaging, companies today are looking for automated and intelligent tools to speed up their response time and reduce costs. Chatbots are, therefore, gaining momentum. AI-powered chatbots will reach a new level of advanced functionality that can replace basic human-supported tasks. Automated responses leveraging business messaging asynchronously, via text or voice responses (IVR), will become a standard company offering.

Put together, how you engage with your customers and how well you know them amidst the emerging competition will be the key to thriving in the new normal. Welcoming the possibilities brought by AI-supported chatbot that enables you to deploy automated responses across multiple channels can be your best bet.


An integrated experience across the customer journey

The pandemic underlined the long-term vision of that mobile technology will be the preferred way businesses and consumers around the world would want to communicate and interact with each other. They help clients offer an excellent customer experience to their consumers on their chosen channel, all based on the mobile-first rationale.’s Conversational AI Cloud provides a unique and intuitive drag and drop platform that enables organizations with no prior coding experience to create enterprise-grade chatbots with ease. It supplements end-to-end customer care by offering a complete integrated cloud solution combining communication channels and SaaS features such as intuitive, no/low code options to optimize Marketing and Customer Contact services.

By combining chatbots with these complementary tools, Conversational AI Cloud equips global enterprises with a unified view of the customer journey and customer data that delivers actionable insights. Once you know who your customers are, you can proactively start a conversation. Then you begin to learn more about your customers preferences and intents to improve your business model. positions itself as a strategic solutions partner for global enterprises that want to be ready for the future of conversational commerce. By combining rule-based and AI technologies, the company’s Conversational AI Cloud provides high-value solutions that enrich user and employee experience.’s focus on practicality and performance is also evident in its conversational user interface (UI), designed with real conversations in mind to enable human-like experiences that execute commands and transactions efficiently. For example, when a customer visits a website and asks a question, regardless of the channel they use – WhatsApp, Facebook, e-mail to start a conversation with that company, the chatbot understands the conversational flow and decides to ask, for instance, two automatically generated questions. After the third question, a support agent will take over the conversation. During the bot-to-human chat session, their chatbot uses AI to think about the specific issue and advise the support agent on which approach best facilitates the consumer. This type of cross-pollination between bots and humans is on the verge of becoming very refined. is uniquely positioned to offer precisely this type of hybrid service.

“Consumers have started gravitating toward brands that provide convenient, personalized, and hassle-free AI experiences. Making a difference through service is the most effective way to create value for our clients, and we work with them to deliver a five-star customer experience that has helped us “outperform expectations,” says Deepika Christina, Customer Experience Lead, India Hub,” says Deepika Christina, Customer Experience Lead, India Hub.

Another key feature that distinguishes’s platform is its end-to-end customer care solution. Most chatbot solutions only offer simple self-service and routing capabilities. Conversational AI Cloud, however, compliments multiple Customer Experience related abilities, including messaging, voice, payments, contract sign, user authentication, number verifier, and ticketing.

The company has consolidated several of its services which elevate customer care to the highest level by providing access to all messaging channels, tools, and features. Next to that, they offer an AI-enabled as well as a scripted chatbot that automatically integrates with their conversational channels, Mobile Service Cloud and Mobile Marketing Cloud. Their channel-agnostic services enable brands and businesses to communicate with their customers using any means.

In addition, the exceptional conversational intelligence of the solution dramatically enlarges its applicability to ensure that the solution best suits the needs of the market. Today,’s clients like Misguided, ANWB, Aegon, Eneco use chatbot services for optimizing diverse customer operations, including payments, customer services, sales, supply chain and inventory, notifications, and knowledge management across almost any digital channel and device.

With its strong overall performance, has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 Competitive Strategy Leadership Award.

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