Red Hat Forum 2016 celebrates the power of Open Source innovation

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Red Hat, the provider of open source software solutions, has concluded their India series of ‘Red Hat Forum’ conferences in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore. Reflecting on the power of Open Source and the journey towards a fast and flexible future, participants discussed how businesses can empower and collaborate to innovate faster. A total of more than 1500 attendees participated in the three-city summit.


Under the theme, “Power of Participation”, Red Hat Forum discussed how enterprises can transform and innovate by learning, networking, and collaborating via open source. The event was kicked off by Rajesh Rege - Managing Director, Red Hat India, which was followed by a series of topics covering various aspects of Open Source technology. Rajesh emphasized that open source is now at the forefront of every major breakthrough and the most innovative ideas do not merely come from the boardroom; but from a synergy of people working together.

The technology keynote, themed “Building an Architecture for Continuous Innovation" was delivered by Sarangan Rangachari - Vice President and General Manager, Storage and Big Data Business Unit, Red Hat, Inc. Rangachari also spoke about the participative movement accelerating the pace of innovation, making open source the default choice for organizations in India.

The speakers, which included the top leadership of Red Hat India, deliberated on solutions for: IT organizations on their journey to becoming a digital enterprise, on how digital transformation is possible via the Red Hat Management Portfolio and why Software-Defined Storage is Critical for IT Strategy.

Key customers and partners also discussed industry trends, success stories, and what's on the horizon in open source technology. In addition, guest speakers from Forrester shared insights from the commissioned ‘Open Source Drives Digital Innovation’ Asia Pacific survey of 450 CIOs about how they are mapping their strategies to open source opportunities.

Red Hat Forum 2016 is a place where technology experts across a wide range of fields collaborate and solve critical issues. To compete in the digital economy, companies need to collaborate and participate in the open source communities of today. The Forum is a place to get insider access to the people, network and knowledge. It symbolizes the power of participation.

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